The Real Entrepreneurs of 'Orange County'
The Real Entrepreneurs of 'Orange County'
Oh god, Alexis and her husband Jim. In the wake of Peggy's dinner party, everything is the worst. Alexis and Peggy aren't really getting along (and Alexis won't speak on behalf of her husband because blah blah blah whatever), and Vicki is pissed at Donn for drinking too much and being rude. Vicki is really shutting down.

Gretchen's going on a show called San Antonio Living to sell her makeup line and her handbag line. Slade is joining her for the first half, and Alexis, Peggy, and Fernanda are joining Gretchen for the second half. As Gretchen packs, Peggy is going wine tasting with Tamra and Vicki. Whose side are you on, Peggy?

Vicki and Tamra compare Peggy to Alexis, but they clearly like Peggy better. It surfaces that Jim doesn't want to hang out with the Housewives. No problem! But no, Vicki, I don't think he's intimidated. Tamra suggests that Alexis wants to be Peggy. Peggy thinks Alexis doesn't want her to be part of the group.

One location and several glasses of wine later, Vicki breaks down at the mention of Donn.
"Everything's great," she lies.

Slade meets with his mom, who, like a lot of moms, has suggestions for Slade. The issue of marriage/children with Gretchen comes up but it just doesn't seem like anyone thinks it should happen. No one, including Slade's mom, is clear on what Slade actually does aside from helping to promote Gretchen, which he's very good at.

The time has come for Tamra to confront Fernanda about telling Lynn about "the kiss." It's straining the friendship, and pissing Fernanda off. I wonder what Texas will be like!

The moment we've all been waiting for is here: Alexis is doing the photo shoot for her dress line! I love a Housewives photo shoot, and this one is no exception. Is it just me, or does it seem like Alexis really hates the woman who makes her dresses?

Things become more embarrassing for Slade in San Antonio. The host of San Antonio Living and Gretchen just keep making fun of Slade for being so whipped, and possibly being a lady. But Slade is laughing all the way to the bank ... to deposit a check for Gretchen.

Back to Awkward Modeling 101, Jim shows up to be a real creepy and get some shots that look more like an advertisement for an escort service. Show us how it's done, Peggy! Yeah, THAT looks like an escort service.

RHOCescortservice.jpgAlexis is determined not to let Jim boss her around when it comes to her dress line, but Jim thinks Jim's ideas are so good and he's her husband so she has to listen. Who's idea was it to bring the smoke machine? THAT'S A WRAP!

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