'RHOC': Vicki Gunvalson Denies Accusations of Affairs
'RHOC': Vicki Gunvalson Denies Accusations of Affairs
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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On last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, previous cast member Lauri Peterson made a re-appearance only to accuse Vicki Gunvalson of having multiple affairs with men and women while she was married to Donn Gunvalson. Now, Vicki is finally addressing Lauri's comments and denying her accusations.

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"This goes back years ago, and I thought we were way past it and had moved on. I know I thought it was behind us, but I guess she felt differently." Vicki wrote about the animosity between her and Lauri on her Bravo blog.

As for Lauri's accusations of Vicki cheating on her husband at the time with men and women, Vicki claims there is no truth to them whatsoever.

"When I saw her conversation with Gretchen about 'Vicki in bed with another woman and man' I almost threw up," Vicki wrote. "The truth of the matter is I took Lauri on an insurance convention with me in New Orleans. I had some of my close friends (who happened to be a few men) to my room for a cocktail party, which included Lauri, and my sister. It was really late in the evening, and a few of us sat on the bed talking. There was nothing ever inappropriate going on the entire time, everyone was FULLY CLOTHED, and she twisted it to Gretchen insinuating that I had a 'threesome.' It is filthy, raunchy and just disgusting on how and why she would say this about me."

As to why Lauri would come back on the show just to stir the pot, Vicki is unsure. But she has a few theories.

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"I am guessing that she decided to enter back into our lives to put unnecessary garbage and junk into Gretchen and others' minds so she would get attention," she wrote. " I guess she has an ax to grind with me and decided to come back and stir the pot. Maybe her life is a little boring, maybe the perfect Brady Bunch as she described her family wasn't so perfect after all. Sorry Lauri -- the truth always comes out and I can have anyone that was in that room attest to the fact that SHE IS LYING."

Vicki also clarified on her blog that she indeed did not have multiple affairs during her marriage to her now ex-husband Donn.

"I am in a male-dominated industry and I have a lot of male friends. I respect myself enough to know that I am not that person who Lauri has insinuated me being. It's hard enough for me to expose some of the truth on this show that I was not proud of, but I won't tolerate lies. I feel sorry for Lauri that she felt she had to stoop this low and the only thing I can do is pray for her. Bottom line is I know who I am when no one is looking, and I sleep well at night knowing I am a Godly woman who has moral integrity."

This isn't been the first time Vicki has faced accusations of infidelity. On the season 7 reunion show, Tamra Barney revealed that Vicki cheated on her husband while in Cabo, which she also vehemently denied.

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