'RHOC': Lydia McLauglin Talks About Vicki's Party and the Treatment of Her Mother
'RHOC': Lydia McLauglin Talks About Vicki's Party and the Treatment of Her Mother
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last night's season 8 finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County was a hard episode to re-live for newest housewife Lydia McLaughlin. In addition to getting in a confrontation with Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi, she had to witness her mom, Judy, being verbally attacked by Vicki Gunvalson's hostile son-in-law, Ryan.

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"My poor mom," Lydia wrote on her Bravo blog. "It's super hard for me to watch that scene unfold. Although my my mom is incredibly youthful and energetic, she's not used to being out late and wearing high heels and standing for so long. Vicki's party was a late night for her and she went inside to get warm, and put her feet up. It's not like she was Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah's couch. She was literally putting her feet up."

Lydia was proud of the way Judy, 64, handled the situation, remaining calm while Ryan was yelling profanities at her. She also doesn't blame Briana, Vicki's daughter and Ryan's wife, for standing by her man.

"I wonder if Briana would have reacted differently had she seen what really happened. That said, I don't blame her for taking her husband's side," she wrote. "But the beauty of this show is that we can watch it back and see what actually happened. It seems to me Ryan was way out of line no matter what side of the story."

Lydia also suspects, as many viewers might have, that maybe Ryan was misplacing his anger, and that his explosion was coming from a much different place.

"Watching his face, so full of anger, and the way he is talking about my mom is disturbing. I have to believe his reaction has more to do with something much greater than the condition of their new couch."

Lydia went on to explain why she got so emotional after the confrontation at the party.

"I was so traumatized and in tears because I felt responsible for my mom. I invited her to have a wonderful night with my new friends. I know that drama seems to follow everyone, but I didn't think it would involve my mother. I was feeling protective of her. And Vicki went above and beyond as a friend to make us feel comfortable. It must have been hard for her to balance her friends and her family and I felt she did an amazing job."

Lydia said that there is no lingering weirdness between her and Vicki as a result of the incident. She also says that she and Slade and Gretchen have made up after their tit-for-tat at the party and that they are now all friends.

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