'RHOC': Alexis Bellino Talks Bullying and Why She Came Back for Season 8
'RHOC': Alexis Bellino Talks Bullying and Why She Came Back for Season 8
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last season wasn't an easy one for Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino. And based on how the last episode went with a crazed dinner party at Tamra Barney's new fitness studio, it doesn't look like this one isn't going to be any better for Alexis.

"I definitely regret going to Tamra's party. Who wouldn't?" Alexis told Us Weekly. "I went with pure intentions, with the hopes that everyone was ready to move on. I just went in open minded, and I got the door shut in my face. Which is okay!"

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Alexis also talked about how she felt bullied by the other women, even though the word "bullied" in and of itself is creating a little bit of a controversy on the show.

"Bullying is not a topic I take lightly," she wrote on her Bravo blog. "It's not a word I just tossed out there because it was convenient. It is truly how I have felt. Just because I have a job, or make a paycheck, does not mean I am suppose to to take horrible treatment and do nothing about it. I do not approve of bullying in an office anymore than in a lunchroom, anymore than on a playground. Let me be clear about this, bullying comes in MANY different ways, MANY different degrees, in ALL Ages, and it can be verbal or physical."

Alexis, who referred to Tamra's party as Costa Rica (aka the phony intervention) Part 2, says that the bullying that happened last season and at the reunion show caused her to actually quit, which was widely rumored before she changed her mind.

"I really did quit," she told Us Weekly."I had a rough year last season. I was just really down in a sad place."

She said that in the end, she decided to do the show again because of her kids. "I wanted to show them their mom's a fighter," she said.

On her blog, Alexis also wanted to let her fans know that she is not letting the other women on the show bring her down anymore.

"Please know that I am not a victim here. Through this experience, I am stronger than ever. My lesson was for my kids. I'm not going to let anything deter me from my dreams. That's why I came back this year. I'm happy to take anyone on one-on-one, but I will never take three-on-one. Being bullied, teamed up on, ganged up, attacked, outnumber, it's all semantics. It's unacceptable."

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