'RHOBH': Brandi Glanville Gets Nasty on the 'Howard Stern Show'
'RHOBH': Brandi Glanville Gets Nasty on the 'Howard Stern Show'
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Earlier this week, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills made an appearance on The Howard Stern show on XM Radio, to do what she does best: run her mouth. And this time, her ex-husband's new wife, LeAnn Rimes wasn't the only one in her cross hairs.

But of course it wouldn't be a Brandi interview if she didn't first start off taking a few shots at LeAnn, who her husband Eddie Cibrian had an affair with while they were still married, and then eventually married. Brandi said it wasn't a good feeling to have her husband leave her for a woman she found to be less attractive than her.

"I don't think she's unattractive," she clarified. "But she's way thinner than I am. It's not a hot look."

Brandi also suspects that while Eddie didn't first get together with LeAnn for her money, that that's the reason he is still with her now.

"Now I think he stays with her because of the money, but he told me he was cheating the entire marriage," she said. "I think it's just like extra. He just likes it."

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But LeAnn wasn't the only one Brandi had harsh words for. She said, with surprisingly little coaxing from the infamously inappropriate host, that she did not enjoy working with the fellow housewives at all. She even dropped the "c" word in reference to her co-stars (though did not mention anyone by name specifically).

"Those women were horrible. They are just horrible," Brandi said. We can only hope that Brandi does not count her BFF on the show Lisa Vanderpump among said horrible women.

Not only did she not get along with her fellow cast members, she claims that she is paid less than the rest of them, which she considers to be unfair. According to Brandi, she was paid $18,000 for her first season but after she was upgraded to full-time, she made $136,000 for this season. By comparison, the other housewives are paid $250,000 per season.

"I want what they're getting," Brandi told Howard. "I feel like I work hard."

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Besides teaching stripper classes, it seems like Brandi is doing okay for herself in the money-making department. She tweeted last night that her memoir Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders is a New York Times bestseller and is number one bestselling e-book.

It's funny: I wonder if her book sales would be so high if she hadn't appeared on the evil show that is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? For more on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills download our free BuddyTV Guide app for your mobile device.

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