'The Real Housewives of New York City' Recap: Bickering in the Backwoods
'The Real Housewives of New York City' Recap: Bickering in the Backwoods
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week, the ladies of the Big Apple (well, everyone except Aviva who is allergic to horses) headed due west to a dude ranch in Montana. This week, we'll get to see if Ramona can survive the week without a personal supply of Ramona Pinot Grigio. Oh wait, she already thought to pack a case.

Fly Girls Fishing

LuAnn wakes up early for a hike around the ranch. She's still stinging over her conversation with Sonja from the night before, but she decides she's going to let it go for now.

Carole says that sharing a living space with Sonja and Ramona really requires patience. They're lucky to have Henry, the strapping young ranch hand to order around and keep Sonja's attention. Ramona complains that the air conditioning isn't cool enough and that it's boring. They're both upset that they're not going out for dinner tonight because Kristen hired a chef to come to the cabins and cook for them. In other words, they are behaving just as you might expect Ramona and Sonja to behave.

The ladies go fly fishing later in the afternoon, and Ramona and Sonja whine about having to put on the big waterproof overalls. Then of course Sonja catches a fish with the help of an instructor (who she flirts shamelessly with) and Heather is determined to catch one too. But she falls short. Literally. She falls into the water.

After fishing, Ramona and Sonja continue to get wound up about how they can't go out to dinner. They moan about how Kristen isn't a good host and about how she doesn't know how to make her guests happy.

Kristen prepares for dinner by having a few glasses of Ramona Pinot. She and LuAnn share a moment at the dinner table when they both realize they are from Connecticut. Sonja makes a snide comment about how they shouldn't go around telling people that. LuAnn notices her bad attitude right away and calls her out on it. So Sonja brings up the facialist subject again, for some godforsaken reason. LuAnn tells her she is not cool with how Sonja just let this woman talk bad about her. She thinks Sonja should have stood up for her because that's what friends do. She leaves the table, probably the most angry I have ever seen LuAnn, and she says she doesn't need disrespectful friends like Sonja anymore.

Sonja's left at the table with just Heather (after Ramona, Kristen and Carole left to call Aviva to confront her about her Munchausen's disease). Sonja drunkenly says that she can't deal with LuAnn because "when you lay with pigs, you're a pig." Heather is offended that Sonja would call her friend LuAnn a pig. But Sonja just sits there with a satisfied grin on her face.

Shooting and Climbing

The next day Ramona and Sonja actually get to partake in an activity that even they can't complain about; mountain view massages. After the massage, Sonja tells Ramona and Heather how she thinks that LuAnn is jealous that she's better friends with Ramona. But LuAnn has alimony, a place in the Hamptons, and money to shop with, so she shouldn't have anything to be jealous about. In fact, it sounds like it might be Sonja who is the jealous one, which would explain why she's so rude to LuAnn sometimes.

LuAnn tells Carole and Kristen how hurt she is by Sonja's actions. Carole thinks that since LuAnn is so tall and strong, people may not know that she's sensitive. Kristen wonders if Sonja is dealing with too much and pushing her friends away.

The next day, the ladies split into two groups. Heather, Kristen and LuAnn meet up with Instructor Kevin to rappel down a mountain. Kristen almost immediately seems to regret her decision. She snaps at Kevin, and tells the other ladies just to stop talking to her while she panics at the edge of the cliff. Heather tries to encourage her, giving her instructions, but Kristen wishes she would just shut up. Finally, she takes the first steps down and makes whining noises the whole way. She cries when she gets to the bottom because she thinks it's crazy that she did something that endangered her life when she has her kids to think about. She thinks she made a bad decision trying to prove something to herself, and to Heather.

LuAnn is scared at first too, but she manages to make it all the way down and is elated at the bottom. Heather shows up the two of them up by being an expert and then bragging "it's not so bad you guys" as she heads down.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew is skeet shooting with Instructor Paul, who, surprise surprise, Sonja has taken a liking to. Carole likes Paul, too, even though she's never had a cowboy phase before, but she's broadening her horizons. She does pretty well for the first time shooting, even hitting a few of the targets. Sonja's an old pro, but Ramona doesn't fare as well. She doesn't care for guns because they make her uncomfortable.

Treasure Hunt

Kristen has arranged for both groups to meet up for some good old fashioned geocaching. What is geocaching you ask? Well apparently it's a GPS aided scavenger hunt, which of course, Ramona immediately deems too boring to waste her time with. She tells Kristen how boring this trip is and goes back to the cabin.

At least Instructor Paul is there to get them on track. At least until Heather (who was apparently "throwing 'em back" at lunch) and Sonja run off to do their own thing. Kristen starts to get frustrated because no one is taking her activity seriously. She and Heather start to bicker and then Kristen calls her "bossy," just because she knows it will get to her.

It does get to Heather, who goes on the defensive immediately. She calls out Kristen for not only planning this boring thing for them to do, but being a baby about rock climbing, crying before and after she did it. Kristen can't believe that Heather was being so rude so she went the way of Ramona; back to the cabin.

Next week: the 'wives do rodeo! Yee-haw!

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