'The Real Housewives of New York' Recap: But You, You're Uninvited
'The Real Housewives of New York' Recap: But You, You're Uninvited
Aviva, Ramona, and Carole meet for lunch, because it's better to start out with Ramona on the right foot (no pun intended, Aviva). Ramona got them gifts--her skincare products! Then she told them that she's meeting Heather for drinks, hoping for an invite to London. Carole jokingly said that Heather "talks a lot" and Ramona pounced on it, not realizing Carole's attempt at calling her out. They all agreed that Heather rambles and has no ability to edit. Ah-HA, Heather is the worst and they are the best, right ladies? Here's to us! At least we're not Heather!

Sonja, who must be feeling better, and LuAnn meet for tapas. Sonja wishes that LuAnn and Ramona got along, because she likes both of them. Later, Carole meets her gay friend/neighbor, Tripp. They go to the Wallstreet protests, and Carole gets painted by a hippie. They realize at lunch that they are part of the 1%.

Heather and Ramona are finally meeting for awkward drinks. Ramona apologizes, but then proceeds to defend herself. I mean, I'm sorry but, you have to understand how awful you are! In a confessional, Ramona says she feels like she can't be herself around Heather. Heather confesses she has a hard time connecting with Ramona, and part of that might be because she is on the phone as she and Ramona are talking to each other.

"This is why I'm not inviting her to London!" Heather says. And Ramona has really gone out of her way to make sure she got that invite, too. But Heather will not crack. Awkward drinks, at long last, come to an end.

Heather's friendship is wide open, and LuAnn is ready to swoop in and claim it. At some art event, Heather invites LuAnn to London. So it's really, intentionally, everyone but Ramona. LuAnn finds this "gangster chic."

Sonja and her "intern," Millsaps, enjoy pills in bed. Some of the pills by Sonja's bed are dog pills, and all of a sudden I'm reminded of Kim Richards. She probably has some dog pills. Sonja records many versions of a rambling voicemail message, and finally lands on one that doesn't include the phrase, "I never check my messages, so ..."

Aviva asks Heather to hold her hand in the elevator to the rooftop of wherever they're going for drinks, and Heather has completely forgotten what happened to her. Heather wonders how phobic Aviva will go to London. The answer is that she won't, not without Reid. Then they talk about un-invited Ramona to lighten the mood.

Sonja is having a party with "a fabulous mix of people" to celebrate ... her book? Her book cover release? A magazine cover? Oh, it's her "Social Life" magazine cover. I have no idea what this party is for, I'm just glad it's happening. LuAnn and Carole talk royalty, and Carole calls it "Royal Tourette's Syndrome." Ramona arrives in a tizzy over this London thing. It's bad manners, and all of a sudden she CARES about manners. Then Ramona kept saying something that was funny if you're like me and have the maturity of an 8-year old.

""I don't want her to feel bad because her husband doesn't come ... A lot of women feel threatened by other women and if their husband can't come it's like please don't come. If their husband's not coming ... Just because your husband can't come! I always like to invite everyone." Heather doesn't see the humor as I did, but saw the dig.

As they cut the cake of Sonja's magazine cover (what?), Ramona had a lightbulb/pinot moment.

"How cool was I with Heather? I said 'I invite EVERYBODY'" She put the pinot on her head and said "she doesn't listen!" and applauded herself for saying something that flew right over Heather's head. It didn't. It's silly, butthurt behavior. Ramona went on a tear in Aviva's presence and LuAnn was just glad she had gently bowed out of any friendship with her.

Ramona wanted Sonja to bow out of the trip, too, but Sonja still wishes to play both/all sides. Ramona pulls her husband, Mario, aside to complain about Sonja. Too much pinot. "She says not everyone should be invited all the time!" Ramona complains. Mario tries to reason with her, but Ramona is beyond pissed. She leaves, and Sonja makes a passing dig at her not wanting to stay for the party but wanting to go to London. Aviva thought Ramona was being childish, and she knows childish. She has a bunch of kids.

Aviva moves to Heather, to report on the Sonja vs Ramona spat. Carole says she feels she always misses out on the drama, so she's going to stay close to Ramona from now on because that seems to be the eye of the storm. She loves crazy! Heather defends herself, and Carole says Ramona would have been first on her list just because she's nutty and fun to watch. Carole, you are all of us!

Will they ever actually go to London, though? Ugh, this is exhausting.

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