'The Real Housewives of New York' Go to Morocco, Where No One Can Hear You Fight
'The Real Housewives of New York' Go to Morocco, Where No One Can Hear You Fight
The ladies are still in Morocco for this episode, and last time we saw them, a psychic was giving Ramona some bad news. Ramona, all loaded with pinot grigio, does not want to hear it, and takes out her frustration on the other women. It sparks a big controversy. Is the other woman LuAnn? Does Sonja know something Ramona doesn't? Has everyone just had too much to drink?

Sonja has definitely had enough--Ramona's reading causes her to come unglued. Ramona apologizes to Sonja that her marriage is so awesome, and Sonja's ended. That's what friends are for.

Oh that poor tour guide who has to take these women around. They can't even get into the van without making a big drama out of it. "I wanted to sit there!" "I'm saving this seat for LuAnn!" "You can't tell me where to sit!" LADIES. They are all acting a little wary, from Sonja with her all-white outfit and giant purse-clutching, to Jill and her "low-key and subtle" fanny pack.

In the marketplace, Cindy confronts Sonja about her behavior in general, which is not a great idea. Cindy and Sonja are done with each other, and I am not even sure what they're each so butthurt about.

Speaking of getting butthurt, the women are riding on the camels. Sonja doesn't want to do it because she fell off the horse at Kelly's and she "had too much Moroccan coffee I don't know." Sonja is acting weird, and everyone knows it. Is it all for the cameras or is something going on with Sonja this season?

LuAnn's camel had a fit of some sort, so LuAnn joined Sonja in taking pictures for a while. At the end of the camel ride, LuAnn has a beautiful tent prepared for them in the desert. Inside the tent, the women share something that the others don't know about them. Alex's tidbit is a bit of a downer, and Sonja's "something" is ... that she spends a lot of time alone? That she knits? Practices yoga? It wasn't clear.  The women keep talking over each other and it's getting argumentative, so Cindy steps out.

Jill wants to make amends with Ramona, who is feeling ill. Ramona doesn't want to talk to Jill because "she's not about feelings," and because she doesn't trust anyone. Sonja wants to clear the air with Cindy, but they talked over each other until they reached the conclusion, "this is how I am and this is the real you."

Jill is ready to sh*t or get off the pot with Ramona. Are they going to be friends or not? Jill thinks it's more civil to be two-faced, and Ramona likes to put it all out there. Keeping your thoughts to yourself is not an option. I don't know how any of these conversations get anywhere, when both parties are talking simultaneously. Eventually, they realize that they're both talking at the same time, so Ramona starts repeating, "you're not listening to me."

The switch flipped rather abruptly, and Jill went off. I think they're still arguing about what happened at Scary Island. Whether apologies happened or were deserved, who's changed, and what have you. Also, it might still be about Bethenny. And feelings. The issue remains unresolved and Ramona calmly double-kisses Jill off. Once Jill leaves, Ramona flings herself on the bed and cries.

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