'The Real Housewives of New York City' Review: Fashion Show Drama
'The Real Housewives of New York City' Review: Fashion Show Drama
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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It's hard to imagine how The Real Housewives of New York City could top the events that transpired in last week's episode but these women have managed to do so in "Fashion and Fighting." The title alone is a giveaway to where things are headed in this episode but if you're still at a loss, fear not because Bethenny recaps the Jill Stuart fashion show run in with Jill and LuAnn to Jason. But for a more detailed rundown, check out My Recap: Fallout in Manhattan.

Jason and Bethenny

Jason tries to divert Bethenny's attention from the fashion show drama by telling her that it's time they look for a new place. Although before they officially move in together, "a commitment will be made." On a side note: We've already heard wedding bells and we all know where this is heading.

The Pamela Rolland fashion show

Two things happened at the Pamela Rolland fashion show and both of them involves LuAnn. First, LuAnn thanks Kelly for complimenting her before giving her a lecture on how she should be addressed. She wants to be introduced as "Countess" because apparently "it's her name." I don't know what's funnier, knowing that LuAnn thinks that "Countess" is her name instead of an honorary title or that Kelly thinks that "Countess" is another word for charitable.

The second thing that happened in the Pamela Rolland fashion show involves LuAnn and Bethenny and it's pretty much the highlight of the evening.  When LuAnn makes a snide remark to Bethenny, Bethenny lashes back by calling her a snake. LuAnn retorts by telling Bethenny she has a filthy mouth, ironically, before calling her a skank. This entire verbal tirade takes place as an embarrassed Kelly watches in awe.

Ramona and Kelly

Ramona decides to bring along her daughter Avery to her first fashion show but the mommy-daughter bonding is cut short when Ramona decides to put poor Avery in can to go home so she could join Perez Hilton's party. Apparently, Ramona is the type who gets easily star struck so she immediately accepts Kelly's invitation to the gossip columnist's event.

Bethenny's Event

Bethenny throws her own fashion event and brings out her Skinny Girl margaritas. Alex shows up and surprisingly, Kelly arrives to support Bethenny. Though it's nice to see Bethenny and Kelly casually get along, it's obvious that they can never really be friends.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Jill throws a party at Saks Fifth Avenue for Fashion Week and invites her girlfriends. Alex and Simon arrive but Simon is condemned immediately for gate crashing an all-girls event.  LuAnn seems to be safe from Ramona's jabs only because her divorce was finalized that day. Unfortunately, Kelly isn't. Ramona brings up Kelly's Playboy shoot and asks whether she's had her breast done again but it's a good thing Kelly decided not to give her the time of day. However, she and LuAnn think that Ramona is just resentful and jealous.

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