'Real Housewives' Weigh in on the Jill-Bethenny Feud
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The Jill-Bethenny feud has been simmering for several weeks now and last week's episode proved that things between the two former best friends-turned-enemies can never be the same. While Bethenny tried to reach out to Jill, Jill wouldn't let things go and decided that she can't have toxicity in her life. Consequently, the failed reconciliation prompted several responses from the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City, as well as Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice.

Jill Zarin

Watching and reliving that tearful scene with Bethenny was not easy for Jill, who had no idea what was going on in Bethenny's life since she had not spoken to her in months. But there seems to be hope as Jill wishes to make peace with Bethenny someday--hopefully when the cameras aren't rolling.

"I guess I should have picked up better 'cues' from the ladies, but with cameras in your face you can imagine the distraction. I was absorbed in my own world of "stuff" and just needed time to think. It was awful. If I could have just talked to Bethenny without cameras in my face I think we would have made up. It was just too much pressure for me. I was very wounded and needed some time to think. I loved Bethenny like a sister and hope one day when the cameras are all gone we can reconnect," Jill wrote in her blog.

Bethenny Frankel

Unfortunately for Jill, it appears that Bethenny has had enough and doesn't think that things can ever go back to the way they were before.

"Jill was in the wrong and she definitely regrets her actions. Unfortunately, much of the damage is irreparable. But I finally feel peace now. What is important now is my marriage and baby, and to quote Jill, I don't want the toxicity in my life," Bethenny wrote in her blog.

LuAnn de Lesseps

After watching last week's episode, many were convinced that LuAnn was putting more strain into the Bethenny-Jill squabble by keeping them apart. She acted a little bit immature, fearing that her new best friend would be taken away from her. But apparently, the Countess has an explanation for all this.  

"I was very surprised to see Bethenny at Ramona's. Ramona should have discussed it first with Jill to see if Jill was open to a meeting. Instead, Ramona set up an ambush in the hopes that they could work out their differences. It was nice of Ramona to try but I don't think it was fair to Jill or me. She put us in a very uncomfortable situation. Why did I have to be there? I was just there picking up clothes for the homeless. I left because I had more clothes to pick up. Jill and I came together so we left together," LuAnn said.

Teresa Giudice

As an outsider to the drama of The Real Housewives of New York City, Teresa shares the sentiments of most viewers. In her blog, she reveals why Bethenny and Jill should get over the past and make up and why she thinks LuAnn is meddling.

"I'm not sure why LuAnn is so interested in keeping Jill and Bethenny apart. Maybe she's trying to protect Jill from the 'toxicity' she thinks Bethenny brings, but from where I'm sitting, the anxiety of their fighting is poisoning Jill much worse than if they just made up," she wrote. "Jill doesn't need note cards. Bethenny doesn't need to bring up past pain. They just need to kiss and make-up. That's what real friends do. They were best friends for years. They truly loved each other."

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