'Real Housewives of NYC': Most Outrageous Reunion Moments, Part 1
'Real Housewives of NYC': Most Outrageous Reunion Moments, Part 1
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

Watching the first of the three-part reunion for this season of the Real Housewives of New York City was delicious.... if you are a fan of snarky, sometimes cruel remarks. The set was arranged with a couch on either side of the chair Andy Cohen sat in. It was quite functional, but it made the division among the women even more obvious.

There were so many outrageous moments, but these were the most over the top:

We found out that Jill may actually be jealous of Bethenny's success. It seems that she tried to get all the housewives to "not film with Bethenny." And, it seems, Jill wants to take credit for Bethenny being on the show.

A viewer asked Bethenny why she had felt the need to film her peeing on the stick for her pregnancy test. Even the housewives were split in their opinion of the scene's appropriateness. Bethenny said it was just her life.

Ramona was called out for saying she is a renewed person, but some people think she's not changed at all. Alex summed it up when she said that Ramona is renewed, but she's still Ramona.

Some of the women were upset with Bethenny supposedly being a "media whore." Bethenny denies it, but I guess it's a matter of opinion.

Alex explained how she has changed in this season. She also explained the hives she gets when she's in uncomfortable situations.

It was hilarious that Bethenny kept telling people to "grab your balls" because Alex isn't holding back any more.

Ramona managed to insult LuAnn's dress (the purple one with the one shoulder) several times. But amazingly, LuAnn was pretty quiet.

It was hilarious when a viewer asked Ramona if she's had plastic surgery. She says no, but that she's done "injectables."

Ramona said that it was no big deal that she kissed the man on the yacht. Kelly was judgemental and thought it was an indiscretion.

A viewer asked Alex why she had been able to forgive Ramona and Bethenny for things they had said, but couldn't forgive Jill. Alex says that it's because Jill keeps doing it.

Much of the episode involved Alex, Bethenny and Ramona confronting Jill and Kelly. At one point, Jill started crying and left the set.

My favorite viewer comment was telling Bethenny that her attacking Kelly was like using an AK-47 to kill a fly. Kelly didn't even seem to realize she had just been insulted...

I loved that Andy asked if any of them had taken a Xanax before the show. From the discussions that occurred, they all probably should have.

There are still two hours of insanity coming up when the second and third parts of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion air. Did you enjoy the reunion so far? What do you still hope they discuss on the next two parts of the reunion? Let us know!

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