'Real Housewives of NYC': Most Outrageous Finale Moments
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

Last night was the season finale for the Real Housewives of New York City. A number of outrageous things were said, but these were the most hilarious ones:

Bethenny actually said that she would like to steal Ramona's vows because she's a woman of very few words... What!? If there's anything Bethenny is, it's not lacking for words.

When Jill and Bethenny met for their emotional lunch, Bethenny said that their friendship had been shredded and that it was like going through a divorce. The shredding I can understand, but the divorce is an exaggeration, I'm sure.

At LuAnn's CD launch party, Sonja said that the song wasn't exactly rock and roll; it was more like "early Madonna." No, it's more like Cher in her disco phase.

It was funny when Ramona's family had a whole debate about what to do with the dog when they went downstairs. Then the dog was handed off to Bethenny during the ceremony.

Bethenny and her fiancée had a debate about the number of jars she had in her cabinets and about the fate of an autographed basketball. Well, at least they weren't arguing about trivialities, right?

Bethenny drove her oddly painted Volkswagen in New York City with "Skinnygirl" painted all over it. It looks ridiculous.

Kelly was still taking about rainbows and gumdrops and still lives in her delusional little world. What a nut!

When all is said and done, the Housewives are ready to pull each other's hair out and start really big arguments at next Thursday's Real Housewives of New York City reunion show. I know I can't wait... How about you?

(Image: Bravo)