'Real Housewives of New York': Vacation With a Crazy Lady
'Real Housewives of New York': Vacation With a Crazy Lady
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
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This week's episode of Real Housewives of New York picked up the Virgin Islands vacation as the women arrived at their villa in St. John. They had been away for a couple of days and had watched Kelly's insanity go from bad to worse.

"A Chef Works in a Restaurant"

Kelly was becoming increasingly irrational and started to pick fights with Bethenny at breakfast. When Bethenny said that she would make a fabulous dinner for the women, Kelly made a snarky comment.

Bethenny referred to herself as a chef and an author so Kelly told her she was a cook, not a chef. Bethenny explained that she went to culinary school so she was a chef. The argument escalated from there.

When Bethenny told her she was imagining things, Kelly told her, "You're in a horror film and I'm in Disneyland." (At least she didn't mention cartwheels this time...)

Alone on Scary Island

As a nice gesture for everyone, Bethenny brought a big bag with each of their initials on it and it contained lots of goodies for each of them. Instead of appreciating the gesture, Kelly was annoyed and felt somehow that it was an attack on her.

She called Jill and told her that she was alone on "Scary Island" and that she was afraid. Jill told her to just stay away from them.

Insanity at Breakfast

Kelly joined the rest of the women for breakfast with a pad of paper and told them all to write down their complaints. None of them understood why she was suggesting such a juvenile thing.

Then, Kelly told Alex that she was "channeling the devil."

The rest of the women thought that was hilarious and made snide remarks about it.

"She Can't Put Two Words Together"

Back in New York, Jill met LuAnn for dinner. Jill told her how Kelly had called her in a panic. But she couldn't tell what was really happening because Kelly was making no sense and couldn't out words together to make sense.

Jill decided to change her own plans and join the group in St. John and surprise them. LuAnn warned her not to do it, but she had made up her mind.

"I'm Not Paranoid"

After Bethenny worked hard to create a gourmet feast for them for dinner, Kelly insisted that they all move around at the table so she wouldn't have to sit near Bethenny. Then, she complained that Bethany's food wasn't all that good.

She told them tat she wasn't paranoid; Bethenny was trying to attack her. It was obvious that she was being paranoid.

Kelly ranted hysterically and accused Alex of channeling a vampire. She told Ramona and Bethenny that they were trying to make out "with the tongue" just because they were trying to talk through some things.

When she was finally alone at the table with Sonja, she started to cry and say that Bethenny was trying to kill her.

She had attacked everyone at the table and was completely irrational. They all realized that she was unbalanced and needed them to try to help her.

They all tried to make peace, but Kelly wouldn't be calmed. She went and got lollypops and jellybeans to offer to them all.

What did you think of the situation in this episode of Real Housewives? Did you think Kelly was acting nuts, or that she was being attacked? Let us know what you think!

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