None of 'The Real Housewives of New York' Are Excused for Their Behavior
None of 'The Real Housewives of New York' Are Excused for Their Behavior
Last week on The Real Housewives of New York, some of the Housewives made up, just in time for some new feuds to begin. New Housewife Cindy Barshop is making waves! To start things off, Ramona Singer knows what people want, so she is modeling for all her products. It's going better than the runway walk.

Jill meets Cindy at her apartment to discuss having kids, and making enemies. Jill is pleased that Cindy is willing to go up against Ramona. Cindy will not accept Ramona's crappy behavior, which all the other women have learned to accept. They shall live in fear no more.

Alright! Project Runway's Chris March is in the house! Sonja Morgan is throwing a masquerade ball. She wants to wear a crummy old wig that Chris March will fix, and a super short Marie Antoinette stripper thing that will show her butt cheeks. Sonja Morgan is that much fun to hang out with.

Jill and LuAnn meet at the costume shop to find stuff for Sonja's party. I love when the Housewives get costumes. They always want to look sexy/slutty, like the college girl on Halloween never worked herself out of their systems. Sonja's costume looks like something Jill wore to another RHONY costume party. Jill and LuAnn discuss the possibility of a "viking bitch" costume because THAT's a thing. You'd think the Countess wouldn't go for such chintzy costumes.

Sonja Morgan doesn't have employees -- she has interns. That way she doesn't need to pay them (because who has the money?). No one has money and no one has panties. Chris March did an amazing job with Sonja's costume.

LuAnn can't go to Sonja's party because she's sick. Too bad, I love a costume party and I love the Countess. Alex's boobies are WAY out for this party! Or is it Cleopatra? Ramona came to the party as ... the Phantom of the Opera? Jill was disappointed to see people in stupid masks and jeans. The ball was not a ball. At least Ramona looks cross-eyed in that mask!

RHNYRamonasmask.jpgTo really class it up, Sonja's ass is hanging out. She has a bruise on her butt, ostensibly from some weird sex thing. The only thing Sonja did about forgetting the bottom half of her costume was tell everyone about it, rather than get the missing piece.

RHNYSonjaforgotapiece.jpgCindy takes Jill along for a consultation with her dentist. Cosmetic dentist? Jill does most of the consulting, but in the end everyone was happy.

Introducing Ramona Pinot Grigio! At the launch party for said wine, Jennifer the Bride shows up. It comes out that Jill confronted Jennifer the Bride at her wedding about why Alex and Simon were there. Aw, Jill! Also, Jill doesn't "get" why Ramona and Jennifer are friends. Ramona gets even more wide-eyed over this and she will not have it. It's not OK. This happens at the beginning of the party, so Ramona is full on Ramotional by the time Jill arrives.

LuAnn lectures Ramona about wine, embarrassing her at her own wine launch, but Ramona has bigger fish to fry. Ramona pulls Jill aside for a confrontation. It cannot wait!

"Seriously, my stomach's churning," Ramona says, then, "NO, I need to say it!" It's Cindy's party all over again. Jill denies the story, someone (was that Mario?) tried to break it up but no one could be tempted with a piece of pizza. The women are full on yelling at each other, until Jill ends it with, "you have no class. At your own party, to attack me!"

Jill runs into Jennifer The Bride outside for Confrontation Part Deux. Jennifer gets a lecture, Jill Zarin style, and then Jill re-enters the party to go another round with a freshly steamed Ramona.

"Why don't we have lunch?" Jill suggests, but Ramona wants to talk about things NOW, ALWAYS. Ramona walks away from the situation and no one is happy. Is the friendship ruined forever and ever?

Ramona starts yelling some more at her party, and Jill starts crying in her car, with LuAnn at her side. Oh these ladies have HAD IT. They were NEVER really friends. Jill is so upset that she can't even give Ramona the gift she got her from her trip to Australia! I hope Ramona can sleep at night knowing she'll never get that little koala bear tchotchke.

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