Fashion and Feuds on 'Real Housewives of New York'
Fashion and Feuds on 'Real Housewives of New York'
LuAnn and Kelly are becoming better friends, so LuAnn opens up to Kelly about opening up and falling in love. Kelly's tired of being single, and LuAnn thinks it's because she doesn't trust people. LuAnn invites Kelly to "the Wine Connection," which is some wine event for singles and otherwise interesting people.

Oh good, New Alex is meeting Sonja for lunch to "nip it in the bud." Sonja wore her coat and crazy Russian hat. Big fur hats are good for blocking long explanations and attempts to bury the hatchet. Sonja ripped on Simon a little more, and blamed him for why she threw Alex out. The women agreed to not talk about it anymore and move forward. Bring on the next fight!

New Housewife Cindy meets with Kelly, and tells her about a fight she had with one of her nannies. Apparently she has "this hair, and this attitude." Cindy had her brother, Howie, fire the nanny for her. Kelly and Cindy like each other, and Kelly doesn't understand how Cindy can be friends with Ramona. Kelly sends Ramona an arduous email informing her that she can't attend her event. I like Kelly so far this season, I'm not sure what it is.

Ahhhhhhhhahahahaha, Ramona Singer is walking the runway again! David Meister has balls to let her represent his brand like that, but you know he's giving us what we want. Ramona was upset and hurt by Kelly's email, so she replied saying, "If you can't support me, I can't support you."

So the Wine Connection is a wine-tasting (drinking) meets speed dating/networking. Sonja and Cindy join Kelly for the inaugural wine connection. Kelly struggles to converse, while Sonja doesn't mind a guy staring at her boobs, and Cindy is told she could be a guy's mom. Ouch. Kelly prompts the actor guy to improvise a scene with her in which he tells her he has cancer. It was funny.

Kelly got Ramona's text, and labeled it a drunk text. She told Cindy about it on the way to meet the Alex et. all on Governor's Island for Alex's birthday. According to Alex, Simon went "all out" to provide a windy, cold day picnic with very little food. Alex's champagne spilled on this poor kid's head, and Cindy was NOT IMPRESSED.

It's time for Ramona to walk the runway! Alex, Sonja, and Simon make amends once again, and Simon calls for a "group hug." I'm with Sonja, it was weird. LuAnn shows up, too, because why would you ever miss Ramona walking the runway?! Ramona did it again, and it was only a little better than that first time.

Cindy is giving LuAnn, Kelly, and Sonja a special spa day at Completely Bare. The women discuss landscaping and LuAnn was incredibly uncomfortable. The Countess does not speak of hair removal! Sonja does.

Back to fashion stuff and modeling, remember how Alex is a model now? Never forget. Alex has a photo shoot (maybe for her portfolio?) and it's really scary. She's thinking of ballet, like "the pretty one" in Swan Lake. I never want it to end.

Ramona is a spokesperson for businesswomen and Jill, Kelly and LuAnn didn't go to the event. But Sonja, Cindy and Alex with her crazy fashion hair did. Everyone makes fun of Alex's hair to her face.

During Ramona's speech, Cindy has Sonja's audio commentary going. In the end, everyone toasts their Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio and hopes that Ramona wouldn't secretly resent them for something they don't know they did.

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