Co-Hostess de Lesseps on 'Good Day New York'
The Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and her mile-long legs stopped by to co-anchor with Greg Kelly on Good Day New York this morning.

LuAnn was there on official business, promoting the New York teen adoption agency, "You Gotta Believe." But she also assured anxious viewers that she is not one of the four women of Real Housewives of New York City that Bravo dropped the axe on.

"I'm going to miss the girls. But they have some new girls this season so it's going to be exciting."

When prompted by Kelly who seemed to be wary of the franchise because of all of the "bickering" and the "jealousy," the Countess conveyed how hard it was to get a real idea of the girls based on what viewers may see on the outside.

"You have to be in the 'housewives' family to really understand the housewives... It's a woman thing. It's a housewife thing," the Countess said, unintentionally insulting both women and housewives everywhere.

LuAnn also took to the age-all "our-reality-show-is-really-real" argument to convince Kelly that nothing on the show is set-up or fake.

"There is no setting up, honey," she condescended, as she often does on her show so well. "That drama just comes naturally. I mean they really do cast it well."

According to LuAnn's Twitter account, season five of RHNY started filming last week.

We can hope that another air-brushed music video is in our future.

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of MyFoxNY)