'Bethenny Getting Married': She's Overwhelmed
Tiffany  Luckey
Tiffany Luckey
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

Bethenny's Getting Married premiered with a focus on getting to know more about Bethenny. She's fascinating and going through a ton of big life changes all at once. On the show, she's engaged to be married, pregnant and just moved in with Jason. And all the while, she has a thriving business to run.

We found out that Bethenny is not a person that loves to be around other people all the time, but Jason loves being with people all the time. They had a big argument over having a house-warming party. And since Jason had to be out of town, Bethenny had to host the party with his friends, all by herself.

She also needed to hire an assistant. It was hilarious that one of the applicants wasn't a fit for the job, but she said she would like to be his friend. Then she ended up hiring a young guy for the position that was straight, but her gay friend thought the new guy was gay too.

Bethenny & Jason went to pick out their wedding bands and the ones they chose were absolutely fabulous.

But the scene that was the most touching was when Bethenny went to a therapist so she could try to be better in her relationship with Jason. For the first time, we found out how difficult her family life has been. It made me see her in a whole new way.

I'm now guessing that her strong-woman persona was developed to help her cope with the chaos. And like many people who grow up in chaotic families, she developed her snarky sense of humor as a defense.

I was surprised at the way my opinion of Bethenny changed after only one episode. What did you think of the new series? Will you continue to watch? Let us know!

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