'Bethenny' Gets It All
To start things off, Ramona stops by and may or may not have scared baby Bryn with her face. It's confusing and strange being a baby. Ramona shares some life advice with Bethenny, including whether or not to have a second baby. Then they gab like old gal pals about "having relations" gewwwwwwww.

You guys, Bethenny's post-baby body is no joke! She looks so great and is giving SkinnyGirl a good name. She's already wearing leggings! So why not have the baby shower after you've had the baby? You can have more fun that way. Shawn puts a stop to a "cake-tastrophe," which is pretty much a category five hurricane in Bethennyville. Once that was resolved, it left room for the impending Max-tastrophe.  I'm just glad they didn't play that "guess the poop in the diaper" game (you know the one).

Baby Changes Everything
If Bethenny says that having a baby is the hardest thing she's ever had to do, I don't know how anyone can do it (especially without a baby nurse!). At her shower, Bethenny would prefer to talk about "men or penis sizes" so the nurturing side didn't take over entirely. If only we all had a Gina.  And if only Bethenny would fire Max already. What is his deal? Why did he think it was okay for him to get a massage before all of Bethenny's guests? Awkward.

Now that she's a mother, Bethenny has decided that the book needs to be rewritten entirely. Also, she has decided not to take her baby to the Halloween Schlong Parade. Not all mothering knowledge is instinct, though, because Bethenny is still kind of clueless about baby clothes. Obviously the sizes correspond to the age (generally), and baby clothes are still expensive when you think about it.

Road Trip to Montauk!
Bethenny and Jason go on their first family road trip and have so much baby stuff that they have to take two cars, even without the crib and the Breast Friend!  At times like these, Bethenny looks to "people in the bush."  Sure. In Montauk, Jason wants sex but Gina says "no tip." By the way, I'm sorry but "mon-cock" is not THAT funny.  What is funny, and by funny I mean strange, is Max's behavior. He is a weird little dude. 

In a moment that made me cringe a little bit, Bethenny burns the pages of her book in the barbeque. Agh! "It has to start over," Bethenny says. And we feel confident that having a baby has given her new perspective. But where is the baby during this barbeque? Probably with the Gina. Back with everyone at the table, Bethenny toasts the group and I finally understand that the question mark at the end of the show's title, Bethenny Getting Married? was not for suspense, but out of doubt or disbelief.  At the end of this season, I think it's safe to say that Bethenny has overcome that question mark.

What were your favorite moments of this season?  Check back later for a look at this season's best and worst moments!

(image courtesy of Bravo)