Bethenny Gets Her Girl
25 hours into labor, Bethenny gets a C-Section. Jason's parents come in all abuzz to discover that Jason and Bethenny's daughter is named Bryn, almost unintentionally after Jason's late brother Bryan. But enough excitement, let's get back to the reality of breast pumping (not to be confused with fist pumping, which you can find Thursday nights on a different channel).

Bringing Home Baby
As new parents, Jason and Bethenny share a really sweet moment in the car. Getting the baby out of the car, however, is another story. Gina, the baby nurse, comes through and gets the baby out, just like they show you in baby nursing school (and get-the-baby-out-of-the-car class, but not everything they teach there gets absorbed).

Bethenny is showing a sweeter, more nurturing motherly side, but her familiar neuroses come out when Jason and Bethenny try to make hand and foot prints.  Tiny hand and foot prints! Almost more excitingly, Shawn the wedding planner is back, or should I say Shawn the event planner? He's planning Bethenny's baby shower because, at the end of the day, the wedding was beautiful. But uh oh, the shower requires cupcakes, and you know how Bethenny is about cake.  And you know how Cookie is about Shawn.

Max, after all the underwear dealings, gets a favor. He wants to ask Kristen Farell (the girl from the jewelry store) on a date, and takes Jason as a wing man. To his credit, Max understands the role of a wing man far better than Jason. The role of the pick-up artist, however, is not Max's forte. At all. Max gamelessly gets her number and a reluctant lunch date. In Jason's words, "it was painful." But also delightful.

Mommy Issues
During her therapy session, Bethenny opens up about being a new mother, and also about her estranged relationship with her own mother. It is confounding, how you only have so much control over who your child becomes. Then the baby nurse tells Bethenny that drinking beer helps the flow of breast milk. This baby nurse is racking up the points.

Unfortunately, there's little the baby nurse can do about Bethenny losing sleep, or Bethenny's book progress, or all her appointments. It sounds difficult and awful. Can't she just be a mom for a second? And can we please have a LOT more of stylist Robert Verdi?  Robert making fun of Max made this episode possibly one of my favorites ever. 

Date Night
Like classic new parents, Jason and Bethenny have trouble not talking about Bryn while they're on their date night. Bethenny enjoys the date night, however, because she gets to have a SkinnyGirl Margarita. And Jason is excited to have sex again some day.

So what was your favorite part of this episode?

(image courtesy of Bravo)