An Education From The 'Real Housewives of New York'
An Education From The 'Real Housewives of New York'
Oh, there IS a pecking order. And said pecking order will be discussed tonight on The Real Housewives of New York. What's great about this show is that you can love a Housewife one week, and hate her the next. The alliances are constantly changing, in addition to who is being awful. Speaking of sometimes awful, Jill is back from Australia.

Jill is ready to make a fresh start (renewal!) and she meets with Sonja, LuAnn, and Kelly to discuss that fresh start and What Happened in Quogue. I had almost forgotten about Ramona's "look at me I'm shaking" moment. Kelly, who already hates Ramona, has decided to have lunch with her. To prepare, Kelly practices with Sonja playing the part of Ramona. Sonja was kind of a monster at the March for Equality, but her impression of Ramona was hilarious.

For their sons' birthdays, Alex and Simon got them a piano, and a guy sitting at it. Surprise! A stranger is in your house playing the piano! The boys were less than enthused. I hope you like your gift, Francoise (Francoise!), now keep your grubby little fingers off it.

The rehearsal went so well that Kelly asked Sonja to come along as a buffer for her lunch with Ramona. Kelly tells Ramona that she needs her to be a real friend, and Ramona apologizes for her late night "I can't support you" text. They discussed Scary Island (still!) and it seemed like things were smoothing over. Sonja blames all of this on Cindy. Why?!

Cindy went to Sonja's house so that Sonja could tell her about The Pecking Order. I like them both, so this meeting is hard. It's making me like Sonja a lot less. Sonja demands to know Cindy's "alliances," and it's just so incredibly awful. Sonja wanted to educate, but Cindy wasn't having it. Sonja feels really important.

Ramona and Mario came up with this great idea--tupperware/Mary Kay parties but with jewelry! LuAnn went to support Ramona, but Ramona was working the sale. LuAnn prefers larger, more tribal pieces. How creepy was that blonde sales lady? She didn't say much, she just stared at LuAnn with wide eyes. Then LuAnn educated Ramona on how to say the valley her pinot grigio grapes come from.

LuAnn asks Ramona why she went after Cindy's brother at the party and Ramona said,
"You told me to!" Oh Jesus, Ramona. Do we need to call in Sonja Morgan to teach Ramona about manners? Or should she just read Class With the Countess?

Cindy met up with Kelly for a walk and talk. They've barely discussed the pecking order when they run into Jill. Kelly's like, "Get this, Sonja told Cindy that there was a pecking order and that Ramona is the Queen Bee!" Jill has determined that Sonja and Ramona are picking up each other's bad habits.

Sonja is a real piece of work in this episode. First with that sexy pitching outfit for the firemen, and now with the toaster oven cookbook. FYI, Sonja has cooked for the royals out of her toaster oven. The Countess made Sonja nervous, though. PECKING ORDER.

New Jill wants to make amends with Alex. It's awkward, but such is Alex's nature. But Jill wants to be friends with Alex again. I appreciate that Jill is trying to re-build bridges. But Alex is not having it. Alex brings up the b-word (Bethenny), which Jill has deemed "dead and buried." New Jill doesn't want to deal with the past, but Alex wants to lay it all on the table.

"You called my kids animals."
"I did not!"
"Ya did. Actually."

Cindy and Ramona meet to "set the ground rules." Cindy doesn't deal in niceties, she just gets right to the point. Ramona doesn't respond well to that approach. She's not used to "this side of Cindy," or not understanding things. Ramona decides it's time to educate Cindy, and Cindy is just surprised by her behavior. Then Ramona says my least favorite thing a person can ever say, "I'm sorry you feel that way!" Ughhhh I hate it.

Jill and Alex agree to bury the hatchet, by literally burning their grievances in Alex's fire pit. Fair is foul and foul is fair. Has Jill really turned over a new leaf?

Who was worse in this episode? Ramona or Sonja? Or someone else?

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