5 Things Bethenny Frankel Didn't Have to Do
Bethenny is so overwhelmed, it's no wonder there's a question mark at the end of her show title. We don't really know if she'll find the time to get married.  In last night's episode, she admitted to her friends that, three weeks before, she has very little planned. I thought this show would mostly be about Bethenny planning her wedding, not Bethenny doing everything BUT plan her wedding. I'm not a life coach, but I think I can pinpoint five things, just from last night's episode, that Bethenny didn't need to do.

1.  Go to a book signing at Costco. First of all, they have book signings at Costco? I didn't know, and neither did anyone else. Bethenny signed one book, for some girl who was just on her way to get two five-pound tubs of animal crackers. No one really showed up, so she didn't need to. 

2.  Have a practice hair appointment. Bethenny didn't know what she wanted done with her hair, being there bothered her, and it didn't look like the hair stylist even did anything.  And why was Shawn there? No one needed to be there!

3.  Hire Max. What does that guy do anyway? Does he just exist because Bethenny can't really bend over anymore?

4.  Have a bachelor/ette party. I can understand the need to get away, but usually the bachelorette party is a last hoorah, after you've planned the whole wedding. A last, unnecessary hoorah.

5. Discuss with friends whether or not she is ready to marry. It sort of put Jason on trial, and it's not great to throw doubt into the mix three weeks before. But Bethenny forages on (after deciding she is "a million percent" ready). I'm sure Shawn will eventually put together the cake, the food, and the reception.

(image courtesy of Bravo)