What Kind of Crazy is Danielle Staub?
What Kind of Crazy is Danielle Staub?
In last night's episode, Danielle said, "Kim D. has no idea what kind of crazy she invited to this fashion show."  Well, I don't think we're quite sure what kind of crazy Danielle is, either. We've all described people as "crazy" before, but it's not always a bad thing. And it's not always how Teresa and the other Housewives mean it when they describe Danielle. Sometimes when people act "crazy," it's fun, because it causes tasty drama or they're being particularly daring or controversial. And then sometimes "crazy" just means crazy and you should seek professional help. So without further ado, let's play the game! Danielle: Fun Crazy or Real Crazy!

Exhibit A: Danielle visits Posche and feels personally insulted when the person at the front desk doesn't know who she is and was on the phone.
Verdict: Fun Crazy. This is just a case of entitlement blown out of proportion. Meds don't help the fact that Danielle just treats people horribly.
RHoNJ Posche.png

Exhibit B: Danielle assumes the woman's behavior at the front desk is a plot set up by Kim D. to insult her and communicate that they are not actually friends. Danielle says, "Kim D. is playing me for the last time." Then Danielle vows to stop shopping at Posche to preserve the friendship.
Verdict: Real Crazy. I mean, that just doesn't even make sense. Thinking that someone even has the time to set up elaborate plots to make your day a little bit worse is ridiculous. And narcissistic.

Exhibit C:  Danielle wears double patent leather to the fashion show. Tight leather pants and thigh-high patent leather boots.
Verdict: Fun Crazy.  We all want a friend who's crazy enough to deal with that level of crack sweat.

Exhibit D: Danielle brings an entourage or body guard wherever she goes.
Verdict: The Jury's Still Out. This behavior is extremely paranoid, but it's still more of a quirk than an illness. I think.

Exhibit E: Danielle is late, refuses to clap, and pretends to be on the phone during the fashion show. In her words, "that was the point, it was a DIS."
Verdict: Both. Being a bitch is sort of fun crazy, but scheming different ways to insult someone back who doesn't really care what you're doing is real crazy. It's just an amateur fashion show, Danielle.  Also, talking on the phone to no one is real crazy.

RHoNJ fake phone.jpg

Exhibit F: Danielle ignores Teresa's attempts to say hello.
Verdict: Fun Crazy. To be fair, Teresa was acting Real Crazy by intentionally putting herself in Danielle's war path. And Danielle tried to leave the situation before she had to put a hit on someone. But a bedraggled Kim G. made it worse by pulling Danielle back in.

I'm not ready to reach a final verdict yet, because by the looks of it, this fight is about to escalate and get REAL CRAZY. When is a nuff a f***ing nuff?!

What do you think? Is Danielle Real Crazy or Fun Crazy?

(images courtesy of Bravo)