'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Don't Call Nicole a Homewrecker
'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Don't Call Nicole a Homewrecker
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and Joe were still trying to wrap their heads around why the United States government is picking on them. It can't be because they're criminals, right?

Garbage Man

Joe has invested most of the Gorgas' money into buying garbage trucks. And because it isn't as fabulous as having a "singing career," Melissa isn't too happy about being in the garbage business. Technically, the trucks shred important government documents, so Melissa thinks that adds a bit of dignity to the idea. Joe tells her that they have to sacrifice living in a temporary home a little longer while they wait for the business to take off. Then they'll be able to build their dream home.

Amber and James have a family dinner with their kids. James grew up in a strict Italian household and he tries to make sure that his kids are well behaved. He's planning on shooting a commercial with his family for his business, a residential mortgage company. They always do those really cheesy family commercials, and apparently Amber's hair flip is the stuff of local legend.

Teresa is trying to celebrate the release of her new dessert line with photos of the desserts and of her girls. Milania is not only not cooperating, but she's yelling at the photographer to "get your dirty hands off me" and calling him a "butthole." I get that Milania's unruly, but that's not cool of Teresa to let her 7-year-old talk to adults like that.

Teresa's having some family and friends over to try her desserts. She invited Amber because she's a friend of Melissa's, so the two of them head over together. They still have some issues but both want to rekindle their friendship because they remind each other of fun times in their youth.

Amber asks Melissa what she thinks of the twins. Before even waiting to hear her opinion, she wants to talk some smack. She tells Melissa that Nicole totally crashed her party by inviting a lot of rude guests. Not only that, but she heard that the reason Nicole and her husband divorced is because Nicole "wrecked a home."

Dina says there is never a dull moment in Teresa's house and that she absolutely loves her for it. She says Teresa and her family are at the top of her prayer pile and that no matter what, she'll be there, especially for her goddaughter, Audrianna.

When everyone arrives, Teresa lets them try the desserts. Amber takes a moment to apologize to Teresa for anything that might have been said about her at Amber's party. Teresa tells her not to worry about it; she can't change the way people feel. Amber gets emotional seeing Teresa with her daughter and it reminds her how she almost lost her family when she had cancer. Dina and Melissa are a little annoyed about how Amber is crying about her cancer to Teresa. Dina thinks it might be a ploy to get Teresa to be her friend. Of course, Dina would think that. She's the Ice Queen. But I think Amber's genuinely emotional.

Guys' Night Out

Teresa and Rino and Nicole and Bobby invite the Giudices out for dinner at their restaurant. Teresa likes Teresa Giudice, and even though people have told her how dumb she is, she prefers to judge people by the size of their hearts and not the size of their intellects.

Joe asks Nicole when she and Bobby are going to get married. Nicole is tired of having to explain her relationship to other people. They've only been together eight months and she's definitely not ready yet to take the next step. Bobby invites Joe and Rino out for a guys' night, and although Joe didn't even really want to come out, he finds himself warming to their new friends.

Melissa and Amber meet for drinks. They decide to put their issues with each other behind them.

While Amber is out, Bobby brings over McDonald's and makes milkshakes for the kids, who usually eat organic. Jim likes to spoil their kids with food once in a while so they have something to look forward to.

Bobby tells Jim about the dinner with the Giudices and how he's planning a night out. Jim doesn't want to hang out with Joe. Jim runs a mortgage bank and Joe has been indicted for bank fraud. He also works with the US Justice Department to catch people like Joe. He could be working with a lawyer right now who may be prosecuting Joe. He says they seem like nice people, but it's a touchy situation.

Of course, all of the guys (and Rosie) get along famously on their night out. Joe Gorga is a little miffed to find out that Jim didn't want to come. Bobby says it's because he didn't want to get mixed up in the conflict between Gorga and Giudice. Bobby still extends an invitation to everyone to his first responder party. He apparently is trying to raise awareness for first responders after becoming one after Hurricane Sandy.

Predicting the Future

Dina meets Lexi at a boutique where she works. Lexi is bummed because her early acceptance application to NYU was denied. As a parent, Dina wants to be able to fix it, but she can't. She gives Lexi a bracelet that represents strength and change for both of them.

Later, Dina has her medium, James, over to her home. She says he has a comforting way to tell people what to expect. He tells Dina she's in a transitional phase, but she's heading to a better place. Teresa comes by for a reading as well, and it starts off with predicting that her husband's father will pass away soon. Eerie. He then tells Teresa that he thinks she and the girls will be okay, but he doesn't think Joe will beat those charges. Teresa is shocked and asks, "Why is this happening to me?" I'm not sure, but it probably has something to do with all that money you stole? Just a thought.

The twins meet Melissa to do some shopping. They're having a nice time until Nicole tells Melissa why Jim didn't want to go out with the guys. Melissa is shocked that Amber wanted to be friends again, all the while her husband is saying bad thinks about her family.

This fuels Melissa's fire to tell the twins everything Amber said about them. She tells Nicole that Amber called her a homewrecker, and Nicole completely loses her mind. She insinuates that she was the one who was cheated on and she loathes homewreckers. She's so mad, she doesn't let Teresa change back into her clothes before leaving Melissa and storming out of the store to go to Amber's house. They do have to stop for gas, though, where they harass a poor attendant to hurry up and put $10 worth of gas in their car.

They get to Amber's house, but after seeing Isabella in the window, they decide that now isn't the time, in front of Amber's children. What would be the appropriate time? At Bobby's first responder party, of course! But, unfortunately, we'll have to wait until next week to see that mess. 

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