'RHONJ': The Top 10 Moments of the Reunion Part 1
'RHONJ': The Top 10 Moments of the Reunion Part 1
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
There has been weeks of drama building up to The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. Now let's break down't the top 10 moments of the first part of the reunion show.

10. Teresa's Demeanor
Teresa obviously knew coming into the reunion that it was going to be her against everyone. And despite some immature name-calling (we'll get to more of that later), for the most part she kept calm. At past reunions, Teresa has been known get to into nonsensical screaming matches. This time, she came out ready to fight but with a cool head.

9. Don't Point At Me
It's not uncommon for us to see a finger point or two during a reunion show, but fingers be pointing all over the place at the Borgata for this RHONJ reunion. And at one point, Teresa got indignant at the amount of finger pointing happening and yelled at Kathy: "Don't point your finger at me." Jacqueline took the opportunity to be a smart ass and wound up her pointer finger to give Teresa an extra little point. Sometimes we need to appreciate these little moments during a tense reunion taping.

fingerpoint.jpg8. Jacqueline's Breakdown
So it's a whole year after Jacqueline decided not to show up for the season 3 reunion, and we finally hear the reason from the horse's mouth. Jacqueline claimed that after the Posche Fashion Show, she had an absolute breakdown and was so revolted with Teresa, she couldn't even look at her face. Not to mention, she was dealing with her son's autism diagnosis, which made her even more emotional. Speaking of her son's autism...

7. Swear On Your Kid's Life
After an emotional video showing Jacqueline and Chris Laurita's experience finding out that their son Nicolas has autism, of course there wasn't a dry eye in the house. But Jacqueline started sobbing after seeing it, making it a little awkward for everyone else in the room and viewers as well. The whole thing with the sobbing and the magazine cover, it all seems a little contrived, no? We get it, these are rough times. And most people would have been on your side without you having to act so pitiful for people to get them there.

Not to mention, later when Jacqueline and Teresa were fighting about some inconsequential drama between them, Jacqueline shouted, "I swear on my kid's life! And he's autistic!" Um, congrats, Jacqueline. That may be a new low for RHONJ (at least until later in this episode) and the bar was already pretty low to begin with.

6. Blubber, Blubber, Blubber
Teresa had plenty of unsolicited rude comments toward Caroline, including calling her an "old hag," telling her since she's on TV she should consider having some work done on her face, and saying when she looked at her all she saw was "blubber, blubber, blubber." Rawr.

5. Spell "Napalm"
Not one to sit back and let her mother take a verbal beating, Lauren Manzo, who was there for a segment to talk about her weight loss (not to be rude, but did it even look like she lost weight?), fired back at Teresa. She told Teresa that her cruel words were the reason people killed themselves, and then she called her out for having a professional writer write her Bravo blogs. To challenge Teresa's intelligence, she asked her to spell "napalm," a word she used in one of her blogs. Of course, Teresa failed to accept the challenge, making her look kind of stupid, because, well...

4. Kathy's Nose Job
Andy noticed right away that there was something different about Kathy Wakile. She admitted to having a nose job and her lips plumped. While the change is (arguably) an improvement, Andy still gave Kathy the "yellow light" for surgeries in the future.

3. Caroline Gets Called Out
For viewers who may have at one point liked Caroline, she made it very hard for them to continue liking her after this season of being kind of a bully. It was nice to see Andy play that footage of her being rude and condescending to pretty much everyone as undeniable proof. To her credit, before she continued to be nasty to Teresa for the rest of the show, she did admit to feeling bad about her behavior this season and not liking the person she saw.

2. Teresa Switches Couches
At the time of the couch-switch is where things started to get a little ugly. And not ugly as in NeNe Leakes telling Kim Zolciak to close-her-legs-to-married-men ugly. Ugly like Teresa bringing up Kathy's dead dad in a derogatory manner and Kathy calling Teresa's mom a bitch. The fact that they're all family really makes their behavior pretty gross and reallllllly messy. After Kathy called Teresa's dad a coward is when Teresa switched to the Jacqueline-Caroline couch (where she wasn't going to find any allies). And that's when this happened...

1. Rosie's Tirade
Backstage was Kathy's sister, Rosie Pierri, who has often appeared on the show and become a fan favorite. And of course when Teresa took shots at Kathy's deceased father, she was also taking shots at Rosie's deceased father. Rosie proceeds to make things even uglier by flying off the handle, knocking pieces of the set over and swearing and actually threatening Teresa's life.

What makes RHONJ unique is the family aspect, so when these two are fighting on the stage in front of the cameras, it is not only affecting them but everyone in their family. This is not RHONYC, where LuAnn and Ramona squabble at charity events and then not have to see each other until taping for the next season starts. This show is literally breaking up a family, and while it may seem like compelling TV, it's really more of a tragic trainwreck.

Melissa Gorga stayed pretty quiet throughout this first part, only inputting snide little comments about Teresa's weave, but we have a feeling that will change drastically for Part 2.

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

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