'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion Recap: Strippers On Display
'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion Recap: Strippers On Display
Rosie on the move! Part 2! Lauren went after her backstage, and we got to hear Rosie's idea to rip Teresa's head wide open. I also liked Caroline's insistence that this is your 15 minutes of fame, and family will be there forever. The fans won't be at your funeral.

Wow, Andy, way to make sure things get back to being really boring at the front end of part 2. Well, not boring, but these women were yelling at each other and you want to take a right turn to talk about Rosie? I guess she was waiting in the wings ... But let's keep her yelling! I respect Rosie for what she said on the reunion, on camera, and for being positive in a cloud of negativity, after yelling and screaming like crazy backstage. That was also awesome.

Then we get to the Napa trip, starting with the champagne shun. Teresa said it wasn't intentional, which I believe, but then "accepted" Kathy's unnecessary apology by moving back to the family couch. Then, Teresa wouldn't apologize for calling Caroline a "c" because she was mad and drinking wine.

Caroline, the bully, asked Teresa for "one instance" when Teresa felt bullied by her and Teresa couldn't because she was under pressure and Caroline was bullying her. No one was doing a good job communicating, but everyone was doing their best yelling.

The ladies offer their own segue into Melissa and Kathy coming onto the show without Teresa's knowledge, and Caroline brought up Dina's relationship with Teresa. Nice job, old pros. Andy edges in a question that reveals that Caroline and Dina aren't speaking.

Next, a stale look at Melissa's journey. I sort of feel like these packages are always geared against Teresa. Like, why include those clips of her kids being bratty and rude toward Melissa in that clip package? Melissa sang for Teresa to prove she can sing without auto-tune, and Teresa demanded to hear the full song, and then she sang "On Display" and Caroline cracked up. I can't believe what I'm watching, either, Caroline. Jacqueline curls up for another fake nap.

"Bring me cutlets, bring me fish, bring me tilapia. Bring me crab, bring me clams," Teresa yells at the staff, to prove she can cook. Insanity.

I like Caroline's side conversations to Jacqueline, it's just like our side conversations with our friends on our couches at home! Then we found out that Melissa is moving because she doesn't want her kids to go to school with Teresa's kids. Franklin Lakes OUT!

Then Teresa and Melissa fought, and maybe they shouldn't have been on the same couch. Also, I like the way Melissa said, "Danielle inboxed me through Facebook."

And Teresa thinks Melissa wrote "On Display" about her! That is insane. Too much craziness.

Oh my god, Joe Gorga chugged a whole RedBull before this segment. He seems tired, or tranquilized, though. He's here to talk Celebrity Apprentice. But actually, let's talk about that phone call, Joe. Ya piece. Watching them watch the footage of that phone call was so weird. Joe says he was talking to a friend named Albie. I would believe that he would call his wife a bitch and worse to a buddy, though. Teresa is acting absolutely crazy.

And then for Joe to say that the Spanish pizza guy was on the phone? Silly. At least Teresa got some diamonds out of it.

Teresa claimed that Chris cheated on Jacqueline, and revealed this very casually. Joe looked giddy at this. Then Jacqueline talked about how Teresa and Joe punch each other, and that Teresa said Joe cheats on her. Whaaaat. I don't know that I believe either of them. And Jacqueline claims Danielle said he was out with a stripper. Oh strippers, they're all over this season!