Five More Signs of Financial Ruin for 'NJ Housewife' Teresa
Five More Signs of Financial Ruin for 'NJ Housewife' Teresa
We're definitely in it for the slow burn, as the show gradually shows us how Joe and Teresa Giudice are spending more and more, and in turn losing control bit by bit. Teresa still has dollar signs in her eyes, but Joe's eyes are starting to roll with every party she throws.  Before the gang (minus Danielle) left on their trip to Italy, Jacqueline's mom broke a big, expensive vase. Jacqueline wondered out loud, "is this a foreshadow of what is to come?" Yes, Jacqueline, it is.  Here are five more events from this week's episode that foreshadowed (yet again) the giant broken vase of Teresa and Joe's unlimited wealth.

1.  Teresa buys a new outfit to get lunch with Jacqueline and Caroline. 
RHoNJ Jacket.pngIt was all fun and games for them as they asked her, "is this new? when did you buy it?" but soon that jacket will be a sad reminder of days when you didn't have to look at your accounts online.

2. "How about Italy?"  RHoNJ twenty.png
Yes, that's the perfect place for an expensive vacation! And why not bring the kids and your parents? Well, Teresa and Joe have to bring their kids because they threw a fit when they were told they couldn't go (that will count as sign #2.5). And so six became 20. 

3.  Teresa's failed quest to buy Chanel ends with, "at least I got to buy something in Venice." 
RHoNJ Chanels.png
Joe was right when he said, "we'd save a lot of money if we just left [Teresa] here." 

4.  The cruise ship is "bigger than the Titanic."  
RHoNJ Titanic.png
Oh the Titanic, a perfect ominous metaphor. 

5.  Milania sleeps through half of her fancy fourth birthday party.  
RHoNJ Sleeping.png
And didn't you hear her? She didn't even want "an eat party." But that's how it goes, Milania, one day you're four and asleep on a cruise ship, then you wake up and you're living in a one bedroom apartment with a guy who runs dog fights. Just like the movie Click.  JUST LIKE IT.

(images courtesy of Bravo)