'The Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: A Crazy and Messy Night in Las Vegas
'The Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: A Crazy and Messy Night in Las Vegas
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It's Joanna's Las Vegas bachelorette party, and you know what that means: Lisa is ready to get naked, wasted and make sure everyone else is having just as good a time.

Before she leaves for this three day getaway, Lisa has a bit of a tiff with Lenny who isn't going to be able to make it to Joanna's wedding because he has surgery scheduled. Because she is getting married on a Thursday. She admits to feeling insecure about her relationship status since she's been unable to give her husband a family, which she says is a part of her job as a housewife.

Everyone's Happy in Las Vegas

All of the ladies are getting along swimmingly on the first part of their Las Vegas trip. Adriana does notice that Lea is being a little icy, and Lea admits to keeping her distance.

No one is more surprised than Adriana that she was invited along to the bachelorette party. (Well, the producers at Bravo aren't surprised since they probably arranged this trip.) But Adriana willingly takes the olive branch and she wants to use this trip to turn over a new leaf.

The ladies arrive at the Palms, a gorgeous and enormous suite. They take the party down to the pool where Lisa immediately shows herself to be that friend who isn't comfortable with getting wasted unless she knows that everyone else is getting wasted too. She keeps ordering more shots for the ladies and then calling them boring when they refuse to do them with her because they're trying to pace themselves.

After some pool time at the Palms pool, where Lea grasped to her tiny bit of shade like a person "clinging to a water in the desert," the ladies head back up to their suite for a little topless pool time. Joanna and Adriana have gone from getting into physical altercations to comparing boobies in the pool. I guess that means they're best friends now?

Messy Party Bus

Lisa obviously throws a better bachelorette party than Marysol Patton, that much is for sure. At their suite they have dinner, an anatomically correct pinata and Panty Dropper Cocktails. But they're just getting started.

They spend some time at the casino where the drinks just keep coming. And Lisa wanted to make sure the party kept going after they left so she had a party bus come pick them up. Not only is it a party bus, but it's a party bus with a couple of male strippers!

So of course grinding ensues. And both Lisa and Adriana spend some quality time on the pole, but all in good fun.

It isn't until after they hit another night club that things start to get a bit messy. Lea starts to razz Lisa about being on the pole and how comfortable she looks on it. And Joanna pipes in with, At least if she were a stripper, she would have a real job. Lisa, who is barely putting sentences together, can only defend herself using profanity and insults. But Joanna is being extremely catty, asking Lisa what she does all day since she doesn't have a job and that she's scared of Lenny leaving her because then she won't have anything. Then she makes the high and mighty declaration that she isn't marrying for money.

While Lisa is being ridiculous in her own drunken right, it's hard not to feel a little sorry for her. This is a confrontation Lisa never would have engaged in had she been sober. And if it were a sober conversation, Lisa would certainly be doing a better job defending herself than she is now.

Then Alexia gets involved, saying that Lisa should just stop talking because she's saying things she'll probably regret (true). But then Lisa lashes out at her, telling her to shut up and get a personality. Basically everything has just gone off the rails.

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