'RHOM': Lea Black Says Her Friendship with Adriana de Moura is Over
'RHOM': Lea Black Says Her Friendship with Adriana de Moura is Over
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
While Lea Black and Adriana de Moura hugged it out and made peace before their Real Housewives of Miami co-star got married, the good times didn't last for long. It looks like Lea can forgive, but she certainly won't forget how Adriana has wronged her.

"Maybe people don't agree with my feelings toward Adriana, but I'd rather take a stand than be popular," Lea wrote ion her Bravo blog. "You just don't get to rip my son's heart out, try to turn my friends against me, lie to me for years, accept help under false pretenses, falsely accuse me for months on end that I gave the newspaper your marriage license, join the hate club, come in my home and yell and scream at me, snub me at every turn, then try to turn it all around on me and play the victim -- all while wrongly accusing me of a fake name and a secret marriage."

Besides her giant list of wrongs that Adriana has done, she also thinks that Adriana only wants friends who enable her.

"Thinking back, her perception of me not cheering on her slap ... was interpreted by her as me not taking her side or me judging her. [The] things that I said and advice I gave her was in her best interest," Lea wrote. "So what if I'm not an enabler? I won't apologize for that."

Adriana has her own opinion of the situation. She thinks that Lea is being cold and unforgiving and lied about wanting to move forward in their relationship.

"I had apologized to her twice already. ... Now I see she just gave me lip service and later stabbed me in the heart. She is incapable of forgiving and prefers to dwell on the past," Adriana wrote on her Bravo blog. "Unfortunately her lack of maturity is so unbecoming, but I can't change who she is. I forgive her, wish her the best and hope she finds the kindness in her heart to stop hating because hate only destroys the hater."

But for Lea, too much damage has already been done.

"In my world there are consequences to one's actions. I never doubted staying true to my convictions, maintaining my principles, my character and my integrity, and I don't regret it," Lea wrote. "I refuse to compromise who I am to expose who someone else is or isn't -- and they always wind up doing that themselves. My instincts served me well after this saga."

No doubt these two will have a spirited intellectual discourse at the reunion that airs this coming Monday at 10pm on Bravo.

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