Which Beverly Hills Housewife Would You Rather Be Stranded in the Mountains With?
Which Beverly Hills Housewife Would You Rather Be Stranded in the Mountains With?
The last two episodes, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills went to Camille's cabin in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Though they weren't exactly snowed in, the altitude made some of them crazy, and the ladies got cabin fever. They reacted in such different ways, it made me wonder, which Housewife would be the best to be stuck in a ski chalet with? None of them have survival skills, but there are other advantages and disadvantages ...

Lisa Vanderpump

RHOBHVanderfabulous.jpgAdvantages: Style, sanity, British-ness. Maybe she would let you try on her hat? Lisa seems like she'd be the most fun to hang out with, and she might have connections to get you down the mountain.

Disadvantages: If she doesn't like you, it's going to be a long, cold winter's night. Also, she will probably make fun of you behind your back after you escape. 

Kyle Richards

Advantages: Conversation skills. As the most relatable Housewife of Beverly Hills, Kyle might be good to have around in the mountains, at least for girl talk. Also, in BuddyTV Writer, Meghan Carlson's words, "women with men's names are usually mean, but resourceful."

Disadvantages: Looks too much like Demi Moore? Also, she might reveal your secrets to the world if you got in a fight. Just don't accuse her of stealing your house.

Camille Grammer (Donatacci?)

Advantages: (Probably) owns the cabin you're in. Lots of money and resources. Warm chocolate chip cookies at the bottom of the mountain.

Disadvantages: Also owns whoever is in the cabin at any given time. Can't hold a dinner party without it going horribly wrong.

Adrienne Maloof

Advantages: Common sense, owns the Sacramento Kings. It's rarely a disadvantage to own a basketball team, even if it is the Kings.

Disadvantages: Boring. You would be bored to death before freezing to death.

Kim Richards

Advantages: Experience escaping to/from mountains, specifically Witch Mountain. Could keep you awake (and safe from hypothermia) by talking all night.

Disadvantages: Terrible at diffusing awkward situations. Known to freak out and stop making sense at random intervals.

Taylor Armstrong

Advantages: Will almost certainly make you look normal, sane, and healthy by comparison. Also, you might learn or infer some good dirt on her life as she drinks all the wine and over-shares.

Disadvantages: Too skinny, unable to keep warm. Also has an incredibly unsettling presence at dinner parties.

So, who is most likely to make it through the night? My money is not on Taylor or Kim. 

(images courtesy of Bravo)