'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Teddi Starts to Question Dorit's True Intentions
'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Teddi Starts to Question Dorit's True Intentions
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In this episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, titled "Bad Guys," the ladies get together to celebrate Dorit's birthday. Trying to build on the new friendship, Teddi invites Dorit and some of the ladies to watch her horse competition. This leads to another dinner between Teddi and Dorit where the latter bashes on Lisa Rinna the whole time and forces Teddi to question whether or not Dorit is someone to be trusted.

Dorit's Birthday Dinner Fully Brings Teddi into the Fold

PK enlists Lisa Vanderpump's help in trying to plan a birthday dinner for Dorit. While there, Teddi's husband is introduced to all the woman, who instantly thirst over him since he's younger than all the rest. Even though Kyle is in Croatia, all the ladies sit down and celebrate Dorit's birth over some crispy rice balls. While at dinner, Dorit's adorable son, Jagger, calls Erika the "bad guy" and garners the heartiest laugh so far this season.

After the birthday dinner, Lisa Rinna, Dorit and Lisa Vanderpump charter a limo to watch Teddi at her horse competition. With the girls cheering her on, Teddi trots her way to a first place ribbon. In an effort to solidify their new friendship, Dorit invites Teddi and her husband over for dinner so that their husbands can bond, complete with a $20,000 Hermes china set. Over some white wine, Teddi opens up about her previous IVF treatment and the troubled birth of her son. 

When the dinner moves to the dining room, PK decides to stir the pot by recounting his and Dorit's dinner party last year with Lisa Rinna where their relationship began to go downhill. Dorit vocalizes PK's accusation of Lisa Rinna being schizophrenic, which makes Teddi's ears perk up and begin to be wary of this conversation. Teddi notes the holes in Dorit's facade by realizing how different she acts in the walls of her home and when she was mending fences with Rinna on the Ferris wheel in Las Vegas.  


  • Beverly Hills is definitely the franchise that relishes most in its opulence and excess, but just two episode after Dorit remodeled her home, does anyone care that Kyle is as well?

  • Everyone gets it, Teddi, you really, really love horses.

  • How mad do you think original housewives like Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump are that Erika has a book deal after only being on the show for two full seasons?

  • While at the dinner table, Teddi addresses Erika's famed cold shoulder and establishes that she feels quite awkward around her, and all Erika does is stare at her like she is a stranger on the street.

  • Following the personal bomb from the previous episode, Erika digs a little deeper into her troubled past with her estranged father. While recounting the first time she met him at 25, she tells a story of how she never really felt like she had a place in his life. No matter how you feel about Erika, this plot line is sad. 

Did you like Teddi's husband? Did you even notice that Kyle was barely in the episode? Is there a husband worse than PK? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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