'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Dorit and Lisa Rinna Spar While on a Ferris Wheel
'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Dorit and Lisa Rinna Spar While on a Ferris Wheel
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In this episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, titled "Diva Las Vegas," the ladies continue to drink and gamble in the city of sin. It isn't until trapped on a Ferris wheel that both Dorit and Kyle decides to air their grievances with Lisa Rinna. While some fences seem to be mending, others seem to be falling as Teddi starts to back away from Erika Jayne.

Round and Round the Drama Goes

Kyle decides to confide in Erika Jayne about her encounter with Lisa's husband, Harry Hamlin. It transpired the day after the season 7 reunion where he hinted to Kyle to help former housewife Kim due to the ongoing tension between the Richards sisters and Lisa Rinna. With the help of Erika, Kyle decides to confront Lisa Rinna about the altercation.

While on the Ferris wheel, Dorit decides to finally confronts Lisa Rinna right as Kyle is about to pull Lisa Rinna aside as well. While in an encased ascending pod, Dorit takes Lisa to task over her actions, especially accusing Dorit of doing coke. Lisa retorts with an assault against PK's assault on her character. They go around and round in a circle over past accusations and hurt feelings, and while the ice seems to defrost a little, the chill is still very apparent between the two. But even despite that, Dorit and Lisa decide to put the past behind them and have a warm embrace for the first time in two seasons. 

Right on the tails of Dorit's confrontation, Kyle seizes the moment to talk to Lisa Rinna about the chip on her shoulder; little to her knowledge, Lisa has known for months. In relation to the Dorit and Lisa Rinna dynamic, the Kyle of it all falls completely flat and basically evaporates as soon as it leaves Kyle's mouth. Yet at the tail end of the episode, Dorit reconvenes with new friend Teddi to see how she felt being around all the girls. And though she's happy to have spent her birthday with them all, she senses a strict disconnect between herself and Erika Jayne, a disconnect that Dorit wastes no time sidling herself right next to.


  • Despite the end of the episode, it seems as if Erika and Dorit have turned a corner in their relationship, with the two being buddy-buddy during the trip to Vegas.

  • In all of the Housewives franchises, there have been some questionable outfits, but how bad was Dorit's bubblegum pink pajama/robe ensemble with a high silver pump?

  • It's nice to see LVP take Erika to task over her one-sided attempts at cultivating a friendship. 

  • It's obviously meant to be funny, but the scene with the ice cube dildo goes on for far too long. 

  • Erika's bombshell about having an absentee father as a means to give her some depth seems to have worked, seeing as how it is brought up again in the next episode. However, the story about meeting for the first time at the age of 25 does produce a good scene. 

  • Kyle trying to use a conversation she had with Harry Hamlin while hiking a year ago as a means to stir something up is sad. 

Did you also cringe at Dorit's midday gambling outfit? Are you intrigued or put off by Erika's sudden admission of an absentee father? Do you think there will be an on-screen reunion at some point this season? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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