'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Reunion Rehash and Secrets Revealed
'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Reunion Rehash and Secrets Revealed
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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Sometimes once a Real Housewives season ends, that's when the fun really begins. Bravo poster boy Andy Cohen sits the ladies down and gives them a chance to answer viewers' questions, clarify any misdeeds or wrongdoings and try to make amends. Then we get to see some footage that didn't air but does give us a last look at the women in action before we say goodbye and move on to the next cast. We're talking about you, ladies of Orange County. So we've gathered up some of the highlights of both Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion shows and mashed them together with some juicy, previously unaired "secrets" for you to enjoy.

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Maloof Madness

Not only is Adrienne Maloof a no-show for the reunion, but she is no longer a cast member on the show. Even with the season over, what went on behind closed doors of that massive Maloof mansion remains a mystery. Many viewers might still be wondering what shocking secret Brandi revealed that, according to Housewives whisperer Andy Cohen, caused Maloof to "refuse to speak directly about it."

In addition, Adrienne and Paul Nassif's marriage was falling apart, a fact that came as no surprise to Lisa Vanderpump, who admitted that Adrienne told her Paul had moved out of their home multiple times over the past year or so. Famous for their almost non-stop bickering, is it possible that their disagreements got physical? According to the infamous Chef Bernie, who reportedly posted pictures of a bruised and battered Adrienne on his Facebook page, the answer is yes. He also called Paul a "beast." I can't be the only one who remembers how Adrienne tossed Paul around with ease during his martial arts lesson in a season 1 episode. The ladies trod lightly regarding the allegations of abuse, but the general consensus was one of disbelief.

To Sue or Not to Sue

Brandi Glanville clarified the muddy waters surrounding the lawsuit the Maloofs allegedly brought against her. She explained how a friend of hers was an employee of Adrienne's, and she became paranoid that this person was feeding Brandi information. How did Brandi know that Paul and Adrienne were sleeping in separate bedrooms? That's curious. The Maloofs wrote a letter to this third party and included Brandi's name on the documents. Their attorney informed her attorney that all the parties involved would have to meet in order to prevent the Maloofs from pursuing further legal action.

How Cold Does It Get in Holland?

New cast member Yolanda Foster came off a bit frosty to both viewers and some of her castmates. Yolanda said it was a common misconception that she attributed to being Dutch.She also admitted to being a bit guarded to protect her feelings in case any of the other ladies attacked. In this bunch, never! Initially, I wasn't a big fan, but the "Dutch Dynamo" grew on me, especially after recently finding out that the stunning ex-model is suffering from Lyme disease.

Taylor Armstrong's Tough Season

Taylor Armstrong denied being an alcoholic, although she does admit to using alcohol as a crutch throughout the season. Despite Kim and Kyle's "intervention," it doesn't sound like Taylor will be checking into rehab or starting a 12-step program in the near future. Especially when Armstrong wrote on her blog that Kim was no Dr. Drew.

Although there was no shortage of evidence that Taylor had been hitting the bottle during season 3, one especially ugly incident didn't make it into an episode. At Kyle's daughter Portia's birthday party, Taylor decided it was time for everyone to talk about their issues. Taylor justified her inappropriately timed behavior to having been silent for so long being stuck in an abusive relationship. Really, she just seemed to be looking for a fight. She took her anger out on Adrienne, accusing her of not being a supportive friend.


It turns out the deterioration of Lisa and Kyle's friendship had more to it than Kyle's failure to defend her friend. Lisa felt Kyle had become close to Adrienne out of nowhere. Lisa stated during the reunion that Kyle's newfound adoration for Adrienne was born out of a desire for Mauricio to get the listing on the Maloof home. Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda then insinuated that Kyle could be two-faced. Like a wild animal trapped in a corner, Kyle's claws came out and she provided a laundry list of catty comments and insults that Yolanda supposedly said about Lisa. Even though Kim claimed to have heard Foster as well, Lisa said she didn't buy the allegations, saying, "I love Kyle, but I think she's done too many things, you know, behind my back for me to really have a trust with her."

To demonstrate that Kyle and Lisa's friendship was at one time about more than lunches and shopping, we got to see Kyle taking Lisa to get her first mammogram. It's shocking that a 51-year-old woman hadn't had such an important test, but Kyle attributed Lisa's neglect to fear. Because Kyle's mother died of breast cancer, she pushed and pushed Lisa to get her mammogram until her friend relented.

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Sibling Rivalry

Sobriety hasn't fully strengthened the sisterly bond between Kyle and Kim. Kim's snide comments and distrust always called Kim's commitment to staying clean into question. Brandi went as far as accusing Kyle of wanting her sister to fail. Even Andy was speechless at this proclamation -- and that man has heard it all. Kyle burst into tears and told Brandi that was the meanest thing she could say. Kim chastised her for her insensitivity, making it clear that Kyle made many insensitive remarks regarding Kim's sobriety.

Kim and Kyle's relationship always seems strained, but they both appear close to their sister Kathy Hilton. Kathy hasn't appeared on the show, but the three spend copious amounts of quality time together when the cameras aren't rolling. "I spend a lot of time with Kathy," Kim said. " We go to lunch, we go to dinner, we get our nails done. ... When we're not together, we're on the phone."

Too Much Information

Since reunion questions and comments from viewers usually only serve the purpose of reopening old wounds, it was nice to hear some reader inquiries on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Secrets Revealed that were more lighthearted and fun. One fan gave Brandi a thumbs down on her extremely revealing Oscar dress. We moved from her cleavage to her "lady parts," which, according to Brandi, she recently had tightened. Brandi was also questioned about her guidelines regarding threesomes.

A Faye to Remember

I found it surprising that not only was Faye Resnick not at the reunion, she wasn't brought up at all. This was remedied during tonight's extra reunion footage when a viewer asked what exactly Faye's relationship is to Kyle and if she's on her payroll. Kyle said that Faye designed her home, but she is not on Kyle's payroll. Lisa disagreed, saying that Faye is desperate to be in the spotlight and she'd go after anyone to get time in front of the camera. Just as Faye accused Lisa of using Brandi to do her dirty work, Lisa, Yolanda and Brandi felt Kyle used Faye as her mouthpiece.

The Florist Should Have Been the One to Apologize

So much attention was paid to Brandi's fight with the Maloofs that Lisa and Adrienne's failure to reconcile kind of went unnoticed. In spite of Adrienne's apology for accusing Lisa of selling stories to the press, Lisa wasn't interested in being friends with Adrienne for the simple reason that she just didn't like the woman. A fan of the show accused Lisa of being ungracious when Adrienne sent the flowers to the party at Villa Blanca as a supposed mea culpa. Many of the women felt that the gesture was hostile, and Lisa felt she was gracious and had even sent a thank you card for the hideous and gigantic display.

I could have lived without watching Yolanda and Brandi trying on shoes or an extended look at the ladies' attempts at burlesque. Bravo squeezed every last tidbit it could of season 3 into its "Secrets Revealed" episode. I hope you all got your fill of RHOBH. I know I have.

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