'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' on a Slippery Slope
'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' on a Slippery Slope
Another awkward party dinner later, it's business as usual in Beverly Hills. This week we get the theme sequence! Isn't Taylor's phrase pretty much the same as Alex McCord's from Real Housewives of New York? Taylor's is, "I've finally found my voice and I'm not afraid to use it." Alex's was, "I've always had opinions, but now people know it." That's pretty much the same. But Lord help Taylor if she's this season's Alex.

Kyle and Mauricio are moving into their new home. It's only 7,000 square feet and seven bedrooms plus a gym. The morally corrupt Faye Resnick is back! She's here to help Kyle want to buy furniture.

Meanwhile, in an even bigger home, Lisa prepares to go to Colorado without Giggy. Sad! In Giggy's absence, Lisa will wear as much white fur on her jacket and head as possible. It serves the dual purpose of preventing Taylor from reading her mind.

Adrienne will not be skiing in Colorado because she hurt herself the last time she went. Adrienne and Paul are a bit strained, but can you blame them? They're so busy and important!

The limo has arrived! It's a good thing Lisa is taking her own car, because she wouldn't fit in there with her own luggage. I'm so glad Kim is going on this trip, too. To play up the sister feud, apparently, Kyle is dressed like one of the Judds.

RHOBHKyleJudd.jpgThe plane hasn't even started to taxi when the ladies start making friends. Lisa compared it to a kindergarten trip, which was pretty accurate.

The Housewives arrive in Colorado, and are greeted with the news that a highway has been shut down and they're in for a four hour car ride. All together. Everyone panics. Meanwhile, Camille prepares for her last stay in her Colorado home before she sells it. It's hard to sell one of your seven homes.

In the car trip, Kim is gabbing it up, probably to keep everyone from tearing each others' throats out. But then Kyle asks Lisa if Ken was mad at her from the dinner party. Yes, he was. Lisa defends Ken, and Taylor jumps in to say no one asked for his opinion.

The Housewives emerge from the limo, overjoyed to see Camille, and to get out of the panic room. Camille is one room short, so the women have to fight over sleeping arrangements and who has to share. The sisters opt to share, because it makes the most sense. Sisters can't hate each other forever--Housewives can. Good plan, Camille, that was so much FUN.

The ladies head out for a night on the town. And Kim is dressed like a total cougar! Or she's wearing the outfit that the girl ruins in Can't Buy Me Love. Camille, it turns out, is pretty normal and likeable this season. Kim has really found her voice this season, too. She's talking a LOT. Kim is "still working through this." I don't know what's going on in Kim's head. Who ever knows?

The next morning, Kim feels sick. Maybe it's the altitude? Maybe it's drama poisoning. Too much/not enough drama. As the girls make breakfast, the Ski Concierge arrives. The what? Ski Concierge. And they got a sexy one, as far as ski concierges go. He also might have been gay.

To go skiing, Lisa wore her fabulous Dr. Zhivago getup, and no one complimented her on it. At the top of the mountain, JJ, Camille's ski instructor, meets them. The experienced skiers went one way, and the less comfortable crowd went nervously with JJ on the bunny slope.

In the stunning jacuzzi, Kyle and Taylor talk about marriage. Specifically, Taylor and Russell's marriage. The outlook is pretty bleak, but we know Taylor filed for divorce before Russell's death. His name hasn't been mentioned once this season. Taylor discusses resentment, and other non-specific issues.

Next week, Taylor crumbles in Colorado and Kim may or may not be intoxicated. Ohhhhhh boy.

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