The Beverly Hills Housewives Are Back, How Did Bravo Handle It?
The Beverly Hills Housewives Are Back, How Did Bravo Handle It?
Oh my god Season 2! I absolutely can't wait to see what Bravo is doing, especially in the wake of the real life drama of Russell Armstrong's recent suicide. To open the season, the Beverly Hills Housewives gathered at Adrienne's house to discuss the suicide (without Taylor). Kyle was well-spoken, and Mauricio was as awesome as ever. I'm just so happy to see all of them again! Sorry, I know this is serious.

Lisa Vanderpump kept it honest, that she never felt connected to Russell, nor did she want to after the information she had about him from Taylor. They were all worried for Taylor, and didn't know Russell very well. They all had a big cry for Taylor. AHHHH how do you handle this? I think Bravo did a good job. Now let's get this season going!

After the August 29, 2011 meeting, we re-live all of Season 1's best/most dramatic moments. The fight in New York, the drunk Medium, the sister fight that destroyed Kim and Kyle's relationship! This is definitely my favorite group of Housewives

GIGGY!!!! Lisa and Giggy meet with Lisa's daughter, Pandora at the salon. Meanwhile, Jason, Pandora's boyfriend, stops by the Vanderpump manor to visit Ken. Hmm! Lisa is just dying for Jason to propose to Pandora--they really like him. Finally, Jason asks Ken for permission to propose. Ken says yes, because they love him and Jason looks like Prince William kind of. I wish Ken and Lisa were my parents, and that I was marrying Jason.

Kyle and Mauricio sold their house, so they're packing up for a move. Kyle's eyes fall on a photo of her mom, which reminds her of Kim. They've been feuding, but at least Kim signed on for Season 2. Kyle calls for Kim, but Kim is not having it.

Camille is also going through a change. She's packing up the house and simplifying her life. Maybe fewer barns/stables this time. Kelsey sent Camille a bunch of stuff, including a bunch of shoes! That's exciting. "It's really nice stuff, so ..." Camille says, patting a wood bookshelf.

Paul and Adrienne are still together, bickering. Paul refuses to believe that there's a show called Sh*t My Dad Says, which Camille was on. Lisa recently offended the Maloof's chef, Bernie. But Bernie, she's British! Paul and Adrienne continue to be hilarious and lovable.

Adrienne is throwing a party, so Kyle is going shopping. Taylor walks into the store, all excited because she saw Cedric on the street. Cedric and Lisa had a very big, memorable blowout and now nobody is allowed to be friends with Cedric unless they want to cross Lisa. Taylor is double freaking out, because she is pretty sure that Lisa doesn't like her. And indeed, Lisa isn't quite sure about Taylor. Lisa's the Queen Bee, better recognize!

There's a new dog in 90210, and his name is Jackpot. True, Jackpot is pretty cute, but Giggy is the O.G. (Original Gigolo). Camille is the guest of honor at the party, since it's a screening of her episode of "BLEEP My Dad Says." RIP.

Kim doesn't want to see Kyle, but she shows at the party. It's awkward. Lisa enters with Ken, boobs WAY out there, and Bernie the chef is like "OH NO." Bernie, how can you not like Lisa? Speaking of enemies, Jackpot and Giggy don't like each other! This drama will definitely play out over the course of the season.

The girls have a good time watching Camille make fun of herself on a sitcom. Good job, Camille, you are actually likable this time.

Dinner time! Behave yourself Bernie and Lisa. Adrienne and Paul bicker in front of their guests, as Adrienne nitpicks at Paul. Uncomfortable. Adrienne raises a glass and an olive branch to commemorate the start of a new season.

Paul asks if Lisa and Ken ever bicker, and Lisa says they don't because Ken just gives in. Paul asks about Taylor and Russell, and she says they're doing well in psychotherapy. Everyone is supportive of Taylor finding her voice, except Lisa who volunteers that Ken would never go to therapy. They all agree that "you can't just throw in the towel." Uncomfortable.

Ken suggests his own brand of therapy: if a woman's unhappy, make her happy. That's nice Ken, but not everyone is as cool as you. He says he would feel weak if he had to see a therapist ... cue the dramatic music, and Bernie with dessert. Taylor excuses herself to Adrienne's ornate foyer bathroom to cry, and Kyle goes to comfort her.

Taylor can't believe she didn't speak up for herself, and Lisa steps into the bathroom to break up Taylor's "manipulation." Why do the Housewives keep having dinner parties when they never go well and people keep locking themselves in the ladies' room to cry?! Ken and Kyle go at it a bit, because Ken expressed his opinion and it wasn't taken that way.

Would it make everyone feel better if Giggy drank out of a champagne flute?! Apparently not. You know who's really not having it? BERNIE.

Ken and Taylor try to sort it out, but Taylor refuses an explanation or an apology. The Vanderpumps excuse themselves. Camille is happy just to not be a part of the dinner party drama this time.

Can you believe that preview for this season?! Brandi Glanville is really getting into the mix! What do you think? Are you excited for Season 2? How do you think Bravo handled the Russell situation?

(image courtesy of Bravo)