'RHOBH': Paul Nassif Speaks Out About Divorce from Adrienne Maloof
'RHOBH': Paul Nassif Speaks Out About Divorce from Adrienne Maloof
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Adrienne Maloof may have chosen not to show up to the season 3 reunion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but that didn't stop her now ex-husband Paul Nassif from making a statement on his own behalf about their divorce.

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Adrienne claimed that the reason she didn't attend the contractually obligatory reunion taping is because both she and Paul had signed a restraining order as a part of their divorce agreement that prohibited either one of them from talking about their divorce in public. If that was the case, then maybe Paul should give his lawyer a call after his statement aired on last night's reunion.

"Any time a couple separates, it's an extremely hard thing, especially when you have children," Paul said. "The only two important things to me right now that I'm extremely focused on are my children that I love very much, and also my practice. And I have to say that my patients have been extremely supportive of me and I just want to be a good doctor and a good dad."

Paul also addressed Adrienne's accusation that Brandi Glanville was responsible for ruining their family after Brandi publicly announced that Adrienne had given birth to her children via surrogate.

"I do not blame Brandi for having Adrienne and I split, absolutely not," Paul said. "I blame Brandi for making comments that were absolutely unnecessary and hurtful. What Brandi did was wrong. She did graciously apologize to us. And when we have any contact, it's cordial."

Paul kept a good attitude throughout the interview and doesn't have any regrets about appearing on the show, although he wishes some things were kept more private. He did not address allegations of abuse made by Adrienne's personal chef and known pot-stirrer, Bernie. The ladies, however, were not so shy about coming to Paul's defense in that case, claiming that they didn't believe either Adrienne or their children were abused by Paul.

"We never know what happens behind closed doors, but we spent an awful lot of time with the two of them to see that there was never any indication of that," said Kyle Richards, one of Adrienne's allies of the past season. "It was shocking. I've only seen both of them be very good parents. Loving, nurturing, kind, playful. I've never seen anything that would ever indicate anything like that."

Lisa Vanderpump's husband, Ken Todd, also came to Paul's defense by saying that if Adrienne was really concerned her children were being abused, there would be no way she would have stopped fighting for full custody instead of taking the 50/50 shared custody that they did finally agree on.

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