'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 2 Reunion Part 3 Observations: Finally, Kim
'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 2 Reunion Part 3 Observations: Finally, Kim
Finally, at long last, the conclusion of this three part, mega Reunion. It hasn't been without its moments, though. I think Brandi is a really nice addition to the mix. Anyway, back to all the books Taylor has to sell! Some observations on the conclusion of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

  • Taylor would like to think Russell's death was a murder. But this is not as shocking as the revelation that Russell used to record and monitor her secretly. What the ffffffffffffivehundredthousanddollarsunglasses.

  • Does this new information about Russell change how anyone else would view Season 1? He tried to kill Taylor's friend and maybe Taylor and she asked them not to prosecute Russell? Oh my god, Taylor is going to sell some BOOKS. Brandi and Camille said the whole Russell thing creeps them out because he's not around to deny any of it.
  • AGH, Taylor's claymation face when she told Brandi that she said "the book thing" first. SO horrible. Taylor is just awful.
  • So, after the bummer that was Taylor, Dana joined the women in too much bronzer. She looks and acts ridiculous. You have not arrived, Dana. She's lucky this reunion split into three parts or her segment would have hit the cutting room floor.
  • "Kyle, you do a great impression of Dana." No! Don't encourage her.
  • I like that Brandi called Dana "Pam." She was as extraneous to this reunion as Ken, Mauricio, and Paul.
  • Is anyone going to object to a little Mauricio montage and a little more of Brandi flirting with Ken? Nah.
  • Oh, so Mauricio deserves an apology from Kim? For what, for ruining his birthday?
  • KIM!! Peeking around the corner to see Andy!! She looks and sounds great! Third time's a charm.
  • The "secret" is out: Kim is/was an alcoholic. Is that really all, though? Maybe some of those anti-seizure meds weren't meant to mix with alcohol.
  • Kim still has a cocktail of medications, and high anxiety. Don't go into show biz, kids.
  • I like that we got to watch clips of sober, confident Kim. And messy, awful Taylor.
  • Kim is only sorry for hiding Brandi's crutches. I need a gif of that. Also, she will "never forgive" Brandi. Eeeeoooook, Kim.
  • Kim hasn't seen the Sur opening episode! She agreed to watch clips of herself, and let her reactions be recorded, which I could never ever do.
  • I'm glad Kim isn't with Ken anymore, and that her kids are as close to her as she's always wanted. Also, good for her to break away from Kyle a little bit. That monster in a sequined jacket.
  • Where are they? Lisa Vanderpump's mansion? A hotel lobby? It's an amazing room. 
  • "I am here to love you and support you. Not to argue with you ... you've put me through a lot so ..." geez Kyle. Sorry your alcoholic sister is such a burden and that she ruined your white party and that your life is so HARD.
I know we had to follow up with Kim, but what a weird way to end this unusual reunion. Was this episode worth watching?

(images courtesy of Bravo)