Kelsey Grammer Offered 'RHBH' as Parting Gift to Camille
For someone who wants their ex to stop talking about them publicly enough to issue a gag order, Kelsey Grammer is sure doing his fair share of smack talking his regarding ex-wife and Real Housewives of Beverley Hills star Camille Grammer.

On Monday evening's Piers Morgan Tonight, the former Cheers and Frasier star admitted to knowing their marriage was doomed basically from the start.

"Camille asked for a divorce really almost the first day we were married. If you say 'I want a divorce' enough times, you're going to get one."

Apparently, not only did Kelsey so graciously give Camille exactly what she wanted by way of falling in love with someone else that eventually led to a divorce, he also claimed that her role on RHBH was his parting gift to her.

"Whether or not it worked out well for her doesn't matter. It was my way of saying, 'Look, you always wanted to be famous. Here you go.'"

And in true Frasier Crane fashion, he went on to passive-aggressively bash Camille's chosen path to fame.

"Everybody knows reality shows are not particularly a great way to be famous but you know what you still get attention you still get all those things that come along for the ride which I think she was most interested in."

When asked if he thought that she married him for his fame he replied, "No, I think she married me because I was Frasier."

At least Kelsey doesn't think Camille to be just any old gold-digger. It seems he believes she's a delusional gold-digger who believes that fictional characters exist. And then marries them.

Gina Pusateri
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of CNN)