Best Moments from Part 2 of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion
Best Moments from Part 2 of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion
The first part of the RHOBH reunion was ... a little lackluster, I think. But Part 2 more than made up for it! There were tears, fights, laughter, and painful memories back from beyond the grave. We WENT THERE! I'm so glad I found out it was airing tonight (a Tuesday? wtf?) Here are the best moments from the Reunion, Part 2.

Camille confesses to "pure stupidity" for saying she had a "Jesus complex," then later apologizes for some of the things she said to/about Kyle.

Cedric and Lisa's falling out: Cedric just stormed out, then later he called and asked for something? probably money, and tried to bribe them. Anyway, Lisa filed a police report and Cedric is a liar, looking for his 15 minutes.
Ewww, Cedric is acting and going out on auditions. In this weird video interview, he blames Lisa's "big ego" for why he was "kicked out." I don't like what he said about her, and it was all acting!
Lisa said it was nasty and hurtful, and that Cedric is a narcissistic liar. Later, Ken said Cedric told him, "I hate your wife, I hate you, and I hate your kids."

Re-visiting Taylor and the cake. Apparently her marriage is totally fine now, thanks to Mexico and "serious conversations." Camille suggests that Taylor "be happy" and "do what's right for you." Then Kim spoke out of turn, saying Taylor needs to make an effort too, talking like she's the expert on marriage.

Gretchen's makeup line/Turbo Tax joint commercial. WTF

Kim and Kyle's relationship, re-hashed and tentatively rebuilt. Andy asks Kyle about bullying. She says the joke around a lot but it doesn't seem like Kim is in on the joke... Kyle admits she's sometimes too tough on her older sister. FEELINGS. Are we going to talk about the "YOU STOLE MY HOUSE" accusation?
They're trying to rebuild their relationship from that fight in the limo. The Real Housewives is so different when two of them are sisters! They can't just cut each other out!
Is Kim an alcoholic? Kim says no, there's nothing she wants to talk about from that night at all. Uhhh. She went to rehab though. Geez.

Alison Dubois strikes again! Now that it's in montage form and I don't have to watch it happen in the moment, it is hysterical to me. "I LOVE THAT ABOUT ME!" "you have two legs, last time we checked," "KNOW THIS."  And get this tweet from Andy Cohen!
AndyCtweet.jpgApparently, Camille struck out against Faye Resnick because she didn't like the way Faye looked at her! But yeah, it is kind of awful that Kyle was showing Faye pictures of Camille doing soft porn in the limo on the way there. Camille finally admitted, though, that she thinks Alison was picking up on her and not Kyle. Can Kyle and Camille be friends? They are "cautiously optimistic."

Are YOU cautiously optimistic about RHOBH? What was your favorite part?

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