Ultimatums and Opportunities on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
Ultimatums and Opportunities on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'
Right away I knew this episode was going to be good because in the first few seconds, Bravo gave us a shot of a squirrel eating a cookie and added sound effects! Don't think the little things go unnoticed, Bravo sound editors! Then, right after the squirrel eating, we meet Sweetie, Kim's new assistant, who is taking Kim for a run because she is a big pop star now. Or rather, she's "the 'Tardy for the Party' girl." The run ends as Sweetie and Kim finagle free beer from a Coors delivery guy.

RHA anotherworkout.png
Celebrating another successful workout.

Kandi is actually back in the recording studio, not jogging in a silver tank top. Speaking of Kim, Kandi talks to Ne-Yo about how "anybody can 'sing.'" Kim needs the auto-tune and Kandi deserves some money!

Lawrence, the new Stunt Queen in town, is visiting Sheree to do her hair for a blind date. This guy wants to take her dancing, which Sheree does not do. Speaking of Sheree, even though you guys rushed to the defense of her new acting coach, Kristen Shaw (who is totally credible), I'm not convinced that Sheree will end up with an Academy Award at the end of this season.

NeNe and Cynthia (the new Housewife! Weird way to introduce her ...) go to the Dogwood Festival together and rehash Dwightgate 2010. NeNe admits that her approach at the B Chic Boutique didn't exactly garner the information or results desired, but she's hoping to try again at Kandi's performance at Uptown. Cynthia mentions that her boyfriend, Peter, gave her an ultimatum: She needs to be ready to get married by the time he turns 50. Oh, and he's turning 50 soon. NeNe admits that she isn't sure she and Gregg will make it, and she "put Brice out" because he couldn't get his act together. NeNe needs to get her happy back.

Meet Cynthia (for real this time)
So now we get the lowdown on Cynthia. She's a supermodel, she's well-traveled, and she's been engaged "at least three times." She co-owns the Uptown Supper Club with Peter (her boyfriend/fiance) and moved to Atlanta after living the high life in New York. She's ready to make Atlanta the next New York, and I wish her luck.

Standards by Sheree
Sheree steps out of her car and the area is a little dodgy. She's not super impressed, but continues on to meet her date, Tiy-E Muhammed, who gives her flowers. Sheree is not impressed by the flowers, either ("It looked like he had just passed by a Kroger and picked them up"). Thanks but no thanks, to the whole evening it seemed.

RHA Shereetries.png
Sheree's "benefit of the doubt" face

But her date is easy to talk to, trying hard and "nice-looking." I'm proud of Sheree for not being a diva about it. Tiy-E Muhammed gets a second date. 

Recordings and Reprimands
Kim gets a gig to perform at the White Party (the "largest gay dance party in the world"). This is huge and amazing. Basically, Kim will open-ish for Ke$ha and has no idea who Ke$ha is. Regardless, this is a big deal for Kim.

RHA importantphone.png
"Now that I'm a pop star, I hold my phone like this."

Cynthia and Peter visit Kandi at her rehearsal, and after Peter leaves Cynthia confesses that she "can't think of a reason not to marry him." That and her lack of enthusiasm about the ring Peter is having designed for her are not very encouraging. 

NeNe has to talk to Brice, who has asked to come back home. It doesn't seem like Brice and NeNe see the situation the same way, or that Brice sees all of it. NeNe handled the situation very well, and I think she communicated the gravity of the situation accurately, but it didn't seem like Brice followed. So it's time for NeNe to step it up: "In fact, your mom has been overly lenient on your ass!" She got real with him, and I applaud her. At the end of the conversation, Brice has 90 days to save up money and move out. 

Kandi Sings and NeNe Scolds
All the Housewives gather at Uptown to see Kandi perform. Phaedra, who we found out is having a boy, shows up with Dwight. Dwight is sort of on the outs lately, and it seems like Phaedra isn't as connected to the other Housewives. Lawrence points out Phaedra's husband, Apollo, who he knows from when he first got out of prison. Oh yeah, Apollo went to prison. STUNT QUEENED! Upon hearing that Apollo was in prison for six years, Kim guesses that "maybe he murdered somebody, six years is a long time." It's hot gossip.

Kandi performs a song she wrote when she was engaged to AJ and dedicates it to Cynthia and Peter. Sheree liked the song but couldn't hear the words, Phaedra was worried about Dwight getting jumped "by these crazy heffers," and NeNe couldn't pay attention because Dwight was just feet away. After the performance, NeNe is ready to get some answers privately, without fighting. 

So Dwight denies offering money to Gregg but admits that Gregg asked him to go in on that investment for $500 and it was "from man to man." Still, it sucks that NeNe had to hear about it from everyone else so Dwight apologized, they hugged it out, and that chapter is closed. During the show NeNe tweeted: "So I ended the beef wit Dwight & closed that chapter n my life & moved on! We can never b friends again & I'm ok with that." 'Nuff said!

So now that we've met both of them, who is your favorite new Housewife? Should NeNe give Dwight another chance? 

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