Tying the Knot and Wrapping Things Up on the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Finale
Tying the Knot and Wrapping Things Up on the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Finale
It's Miss Lawrence's non-WWHL debut, and the Real Housewives of Atlanta (minus Cynthia) are all there to witness it. Miss Lawrence knows how to put on a SHOW. Not that I even want to think about it longer than I have to, but NeNe and Kim still hate each other.

Cynthia has no money, but the wedding is moving forward. It's moving forward with a cash bar (ohhhh nooooo.) Cynthia never imagined being broke, and I thought Real Housewives were supposed to be the opposite of broke. I don't need to watch a show about broke people, I can just live my life, y'all! Cynthia asks her dad for money for the alcohol. Please, Cynthia's Dad, a cash bar is awful! He says no. The wedding is doomed.

Getting Back to (Ab)normal
Phaedra is putting on her working girl shoes and going back to work. Ayden is just getting cuter and cuter; it would be hard to leave him. Meanwhile, Kim and Kandi have a talk about business (the tour and some expenses.) Kim is expecting the friends and family discount, when it comes to Kandi's producing fees, and this is just a battle in the war that will never end and I'm not sure I will ever care about. Kim thinks the artist should get more, since she performs the song and promotes the song, and because she had her boobs re-done or something. Kim has a lot to learn, it seems.

Sheree, who hasn't seen as much action this season, is acting again! Yes! I can never get enough of Sheree pursuing her acting career. She is auditioning for a movie called, "If These Hips Could Talk." If these hips could talk! It is her first audition, and I imagine she doesn't take rejection or criticism well. She didn't even know she was going to have an audience. They told her to stop posing and she was like, "am I doing that?" and kept posing. As predicted, Sheree doesn't take direction well at all. She was like, "the direction they wanted was too obvious." Sheree doesn't think she got the part, and neither do I, but she gave the audition on her terms, so she's proud of herself. You go, Sheree! Please keep acting!

Brice's ultimatum is up with NeNe, and he may or may not be living up to his end of the deal. But he wants to be a club promoter, NeNe! She's going to let him stay there until he can "get his act together." Oof. Later, Gregg asks Nene to meet with him. Gregg apologizes and takes responsibility for his mistakes. NeNe doesn't really believe that he's sorry. Is the damage beyond repair? "Let's see where it goes," Gregg suggests before retreating back to his man cave.

It's Wedding Day! Or is it?
Dun dun duh-dooooom. It's the day of Cynthia's wedding, and she is told it's not too late to back out. Her sister sees Cynthia stressed out and is like, "if it doesn't feel right, don't do it." Cynthia wants to do it, but I think we're starting to see why she backed out of all those other engagements. Cynthia takes a walk and her mom follows her. Because of her family's sense of the dramatic, Cynthia is having second thoughts.

Cynthia's mother suggests that Cynthia is being abused financially. "Don't make the same mistakes I did," she warns Cynthia. Oh boy.

Hours before the wedding, there are no wedding bands. It was Peter's responsibility. Cynthia's in hair and makeup, though, so it looks like she's going ahead with the wedding. Cynthia has a touching moment with Noelle, her daughter who supports the marriage and promises she loves Cynthia more than she loves Jaden Smith.

Cynthia arrives at the science museum (nice dinosaurs!) and tries on her beautiful, custom-made, platinum silver wedding dress. At least if she backs out she could (hypothetically) wear it again.

Boobs and Booze
Kim had her boobs re-done, which is a great excuse to look more human and continue making Sweetie do a bunch of things for her. Her boobs do look so much better, though, and more realistic. Kim drops the news that she and Kroy are serious; she has taken the ring off and is bringing him as her date to Cynthia's wedding. It will be a great foreshadowing to Kim and Kroy's pregnancy, appearance on Watch What Happens Live, and possible spin-off series. Would you watch "Kim Getting Married?"?

Peter shows up to the venue in his tux, and completely loaded. Oh boy. Still, Cynthia is showing less and less doubt as people begin to arrive. Except Cynthia forgot to bring the marriage license. Or did someone from her family hide it? I said that as a joke, but then it turned out to be true! Cynthia's sister goes, "do you think we should give it to her?" Not your call, Malorie! Cynthia's mom finally steps in and is like, "yeah, you probably do have to give it to her."

Kim brought her own bottle of wine to the wedding because she didn't think whatever broke-Cynthia was providing would be enough. WHO DOES THAT? Kim does! We would expect nothing less. Even with all the nonsense, I like Kroy, he seems alright. The other ladies like him too, except NeNe, who hates Kim in case you forgot. (She is dishing it out on Twitter, you guys! She's cyber bullying with the best of them.)

Here Comes the Bride?
Malorie is so upset about Cynthia marrying Peter that she can't even contain her tears. After thinking Phaedra was crazy for most of this season, I think I'm starting to understand her a little bit more, and I love how she walked into the room and said, "Well, I guess the dinosaur is a wonderful accent." Phaedra, you delicious bitch.  Sheree says you can see where they cut corners. Cut Cynthia a break!

Cynthia looks emotional, and we hear she might be getting cold feet. So, after a dramatic pause and many long glances to the staircase, does Cynthia show up to the ceremony? Of course she does. It would be too awesomely dramatic to leave someone at the altar at the last second. Linda didn't even do that to Robbie in The Wedding Singer.

So she showed up, people applauded (is that a thing you do at weddings now?) and the wedding moved forward despite Cynthia's family's best efforts to keep it from happening. Cynthia and Peter exchanged vows, and I recognized some of Cynthia's as the same ones I used, and got off of the internet. Cynthia and Peter got married, and remain married as far as we're aware.

What was up with that guy (was it the weird wedding planner/friend?) announcing them as "Mr and Mr"? Anyway, at the reception, Dwight and his dandy date in a pimp hat came up to NeNe's table and Dwight asked if he could talk to NeNe. I thought they were done? Dwight apologizes and NeNe, I guess, accepted. NeNe isnt so hard-hearted that she can't forgive, I think. We'll see with Gregg and Kim! NeNe wants to move in LA, and we'll see her on The Celebrity Apprentice!

"The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing" remains unreleased (HMM!) and Kandi is traveling alone to promote her album. Phaedra is getting used to having a baby and a career, and is planning Ayden's baptism (YES.) Sheree actually got the part in "If These Hips Could Talk," so we can look for that going straight to VHS. Kim is "in love with Kroy" and pregnant now, obviously. She and NeNe are still not speaking, until the reunion in two weeks, when they will throw. down.