'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Kills NeNe with Kindness
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Kills NeNe with Kindness
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe and Margo deal with the dissolution of their friendship. The whole group heads to Mexico, but Phaedra questions whether she should bring Apollo. Peter pays a visit to Kordell. And Porsha's marriage comes under scrutiny.

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Bailey Bowl or Brawl?

More shocking than the fact that NeNe only wears two-piece bathing suits (more power to you, girl) is the news that she's going along with Kenya's ill-timed and ill-conceived trip to Mexico. When she meets up with Cynthia to go shopping for the trip, she says she could care less about seeing Kenya, but what she does care about is Gregg and the sun. Not sure what's keeping the "newlyweds" from taking their own vacay other than the fact that Bravo's footing the bill for this south of the border snidefest. Or are we supposed to believe Kenya has the means to subsidize a week in paradise?

I hope Cynthia wasn't expecting an apology from NeNe about her diva (not so delicious) behavior at the Bailey Bowl. Cynthia comments how the event started out fun but "went to the left." NeNe questions what caused the shift. Apparently, she has no intention of acknowledging how her and Marlo's stormy confrontation caused the event to be cancelled on account of rain. NeNe refuses to even let Cynthia speak Marlo's name. Even though Cynthia made it clear how disappointed she was about how the day turned out, she gets no sympathy from NeNe. It is official, I am convinced that Cynthia lives in fear of the wrath of NeNe.

Kenya is eating up the chance to play compassionate, caring friend to Marlo. She's only too happy to be a shoulder for Marlo to "cry" on. Does anyone honestly believe this woman could even possibly shed a tear? Especially if it meant messing up her makeup.

I'm not buying Kenya's "my heart hurts for her" BS. Marlo is much more sedate than usual. Marlo's relationship with NeNe has allowed her lots of face time on camera. I mean, she even made a huge splash on NeNe's spin-off. A friendship with Kenya is not going to be so lucrative. Over cocktails, Marlo reveals to Kenya that she got a call from Miss Leakes weeks ago warning her to steer clear of Kenya, or so she says.

The two ladies decide to psychoanalyze NeNe and determine that all this rage must boil down to her being an unemployed actress. How do you explain her exploits during all the seasons that she didn't fancy herself a big Hollywood star? Maybe she's pissed because these two love to meow, meow, meow behind her back. Neither Marlo nor Kenya hold down jobs, yet they cattily comment on how NeNe went from a series regular on The New Normal to merely a recurring character on Glee.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Phaedra is actually entertaining the idea of going on Kenya's mea culpa trip. Why is the big question. She even says that she would rather "Porsha take her black history final exams." Not only is she simply not keen on Kenya, but she's still irritated by the flirting that went on between Apollo and Kenya on last season's trip to Anguilla. She breaks the news to Apollo that she's considering leaving him behind and taking Dwight as her plus one. Good luck, he'll probably melt like a wax figure on a hot day.

Two Sides to Every Story

Peter, who has persistently been trying to reach out to Kordell, finally gets a response. Kordell lays a good deal of the blame regarding the demise of his marriage on Porsha's family. Peter can relate to meddling in-laws. Too bad Kordell chooses to give specifics. In Kordell's house, it's unforgivable for his mother-in-law to watch TV in his bedroom (when he's not home) and eat pizza while sitting on cream chairs. Enough said.

Contrary to Porsha's assertion that she found out from social media that her husband had filed for divorce. Kordell says that Porsha had been consistently asking for a divorce for months. He does admit that she saw it on Twitter, but she knew it was coming.

Married for only 22 months, it's taking as long for the two to finalize their divorce as they were married, maybe longer. It turns out they didn't have a pre-nup. The downside for Porsha is that Kordell didn't put anything in his wife's name, which apparently gives him a big advantage when it comes to the letter of the law. He makes it clear to Peter that "he can't let a knucklehead come in and destroy what he's established." The woman did think the Underground Railroad was a real train.

Adios Atlanta

Kandi points out that she's the only one of the women who hasn't had a big blow-up with Kenya. So she says what we're all thinking when commenting that she's surprised that everybody else even showed up, with the exception of Phaedra. She's lost her passport which, according to NeNe, is just an excuse. She believes Phaedra's hanging back until she gets the all-clear from the other girls that Kenya's not luring them into some Hunger Games-type situation.

The group arrives in Mexico with self-proclaimed "team player" NeNe in tow. Kenya and Miss Lawrence arrived ahead of time to "prepare." No sooner is the group in the stretch limo, popping the top off champagne, does Peter bring up his convo with Kordell to Porsha. Why not pull her aside? Better yet, why not keep it to yourself all together? Porsha's thrown that Peter has decided to go to bat for the other side. While he doesn't get into the dirty deets, you know there's more to come.

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Lots of Shade in Mexico

Kenya greets the group wearing a bikini, heels and a poncho and twirling her little heart out. NeNe doles out a hug, which Kenya gladly accepts. But she figures the peaceful greeting is disingenuous. Kenya says that if NeNe wants to be shady, and do things behind her back, that two can play that game.

Kenya notices that Phaedra and Apollo are MIA and decides it's because Phaedra doesn't want her husband around Kenya or seeing the retired beauty queen in her bikini. I can't believe Kenya felt the need to arrive several days early just to dress her and Lawrence up in ponchos and make gift bags that feature her photo.

Cynthia has a talk with Porsha to make sure she's recovered from the bombshell Peter dropped on her. She is a bit disappointed that Cynthia didn't speak up on her behalf, but she should get used to that. If Cynthia tries to put her husband in check as much as she claims to, she must always do it behind closed doors. Porsha's concern that Cynthia may have known about Peter and Kordell's tea party is laid to rest when Cynthia says she was clueless.

Welcome Dinner, Not So Welcoming

Just as the festivities are getting started, Phaedra and Apollo arrive. Phaedra says she decided to bring Apollo because it is a couples' trip even though some of these "hos" don't have husbands.

As if Peter's attack wasn't bad enough, Gregg calls out Porsha about her marriage. He questions whether the twosome have really given it their all since they both claim to still have love for each other. I believe Gregg was trying to be helpful, but once again, the time and place was just inappropriate. Get ready for Porsha to snap in 3 ... 2 ... 1...

Porsha says that she was happy to play Susie Homemaker at the beginning of the relationship but that circumstances changed. She insinuates the couple had financial problems. This is a new revelation on Porsha's part. Cynthia notices how Porsha's information tends to be contradictory.

Peter chimes in that Kordell loved his relationship with Porsha but not everything that came along with it.

Next, Porsha says that she chose to make their relationship public. Kordell was a celebrity before he met her, but his image was tainted. Her plan was for them to be the ideal couple, and that whatever was in his past (down low), she would help erase that.

Porsha successfully manages to cause confusion within the group. Kenya, never one to let anything slip by, asks what Porsha means when she says Kordell's image was tainted. Peter says that she knows exactly what Porsha means. Kenya says that Porsha's making it sound like she signed on to be Kordell's beard. Porsha furiously backpedals and swears that's not what she meant.

Gregg comes to Porsha's defense. NeNe believes that unless you've been through a divorce, you can't speak the truth on it. She feels Peter is really overstepping his boundaries. Kandi comes to Porsha's aid as well. The whole conversation is baffling, and no matter what, I have to side with Kenya. It feels like Porsha outed her husband on national television. 

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