'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 6 Premiere Recap: Porsha's Marital Woes Put On Blast
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 6 Premiere Recap: Porsha's Marital Woes Put On Blast
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta's sixth season opener reveals all the women dealing with big changes in their lives. Porsha's ugly separation from Kordell and impending divorce are a hot topic among all the ladies. Kandi and Todd have hit a major roadblock when it comes to planning their wedding. Phaedra and Apollo are overextended and stressed. Peter and Cynthia seemed doomed to repeat past mistakes. And Kenya is riled and ready to go, and her first target is NeNe.

Happily Ever After

NeNe is still flying high in the wake of her elaborate wedding to two-time hubby Gregg. Not even the cancellation of The New Normal appears to be dampening her mood. Then again, why would it? She's still been very much in the public eye with her Bravo spin-off and now a brand spanking new season of the show that made her a household name.

The newlyweds are back in Atlanta and enjoying the spoils that matrimony often bring: wedding gifts. Interestingly enough, the couple receive a Hermes plate (I shudder to think of the cost) from Joe and Teresa Giudice.

After opening a gift from Porsha, the couple discuss their concern for NeNe's fellow castmate, who (at the time of filming) is getting divorced from her overbearing soon to be ex-husband, Kordell Stewart. Gregg is empathetic because she's currently going through a lot of stuff he and NeNe went through when they split up. NeNe definitely seems to be on Team Porsha, stating, "Kordell really knows how to break up with a b**ch. I mean, 'We broke up,' BOOM, there it is." She certainly doesn't see a reconciliation in the couple's future.

One More Chance

Porsha is in the midst of preparing for a deposition. Once a woman of means with a lavish home and a husband and step-son she adored, Porsha's now a single woman trying to find her way. She is looking for a hefty payday and is ready to play hardball if necessary. She feels confident that Kordell will settle because, despite her love and adoration of him when the cameras were rolling last season, now she's hinting that Kordell wasn't exactly an ideal spouse, saying, "That's just one of the casualties of war, is secrets coming out of your marriage." There's no doubt that Kordell has done Porsha dirty. The poor girl found out he filed for divorce on Twitter.

When her lawyer questions whether or not she wants a divorce, Porsha's resolve crumbles. She asks her lawyer if they can make a list of things Kordell can do to try and make amends, and if he agrees, she'd be willing to take divorce off the table and go to counseling instead and work things out. So before the deposition, Porsha's willing to make one last attempt to salvage her marriage. She feels the union is supposed to be for life, and if there's any possibility of saving it, it's worth the effort. If Kordell rebuffs her demands, Porsha feels that's the closure she needs.

Surprise, Surprise

Cynthia is moving her business into a warehouse that Peter purchased behind her back even though he used some of her money to finance the purchase. He finally broke the news to her six months after the fact. On moving day, Cynthia gets another unpleasant surprise, a visit from Kenya, who has apparently been MIA for months. Cynthia invites Kenya to a soiree she's having to celebrate the opening of her new space. Kenya says she'll do her best, but her life is in a state of chaotic flux.

Kenya has been evicted, and her landlord has run to the press accusing the former Miss USA of not paying her rent, an accusation Kenya denies. Kenya lets Cynthia know that she's disappointed that she didn't reach out to her during her time of duress. She's upset with Kandi and NeNe as well. Cynthia tells Kenya she burned bridges with a lot of the girls, and she has to take responsibility. Cynthia says Kenya has no cause to be "salty," but Kenya begs to differ.

Kenya isn't just upset about a lack of communication between herself and the few cast members she considers her friends. She's taking it as a personal affront that her ex-boyfriend Walter was front and center at NeNe's wedding. Cynthia can't figure out Kenya's longstanding grudge against Walter, nor does she really care. She also thinks the fact that he attended NeNe and Gregg's nuptials is a non-issue since Kenya wasn't even there.

And Baby Makes Four

Phaedra has a new man in her life, her newborn son Dylan.The baby was born two months earlier via emergency C-section, and Phaedra refers to him as "Mr. President." Phaedra and husband Apollo have also relocated to an affluent Atlanta suburb. As if that's not enough stress, they are doing renovations on their new dream home, Phaedra is still working to achieve her dream of becoming a mortician and she's itching to get back to practicing law.

Mama Drama

Kandi and Todd are engaged and planning their future together. Todd travels a lot for work but has been taking on more productions of his own. Because a lot of people don't fully understand what Todd does for a living, including myself, when he's in Atlanta they question if Kandi is taking care of him financially. Kandi gets irritated when she gets accused of being a sugar mama; after all, this is the woman who wrote the song "No Scrubs." Their wedding plans are on hold because, once again, Kandi's mama is underwhelmed by her daughter's fiance. Kandi's mother thinks Todd has ulterior motives, even though she has no basis or evidence other than gossip.

Take It from NeNe

Ever since Kordell filed for divorce, NeNe has taken the often times dubious Porsha under her wing. The two meet up for drinks and girl talk. Of course, the conversation turns to NeNe's wedding and how fabulous the affair was. Porsha brings up the fact that Kenya wasn't in attendance. Kenya was invited but didn't show or even bother to RSVP, even though NeNe blows it off and says Kenya's presence wasn't important to her. If that was really the case, why invite her in the first place?

Rumors vs. Reality

Porsha is shocked and devastated after the deposition. Her plan to expose Kordell is obliterated when he is completely forthcoming about his more questionable behavior towards his wife. He admitted to locking her out of the house if she wasn't home by a certain time. Her mother asks whether he gave an explanation as to how he went from being so in love with Porsha to where they currently stand. Porsha states that she was convinced she would find out why Kordell filed on her, but he had no concrete reason for wanting to divorce her.

Porsha's mom says she sensed something might not be quite right with her son-in-law after her daughter suffered a miscarriage and spent a week in the hospital. Kordell only came to visit his wife once. His absence had the nurses asking if Porsha was even married.

Porsha admits there were times in the marriage when Kordell showed no interest in her physically, which had her questioning what he did want. She felt he just wanted her on his arm in the public eye. Talk about saving the best for last. Porsha asked Kordell if he was gay before they got married because apparently it was rumored that he was.

If that's not a warning sign to run in the other direction, I'm not sure what is. If he was on the down low, he found a way to convince her otherwise, and she felt comfortable enough to marry him. Porsha says she didn't question whether Kordell was gay or not because of what other people said; any reason she questioned his sexuality was because of things she had "experienced and seen."

Obviously, since they went through with the deposition, Kordell had no interest in meeting Porsha's list of demands. She affirms this when she tells her family about her last ditch effort being met with a resounding no.

Back and Not So Fabulous

Cynthia's grand opening party is full of the ATL's beautiful people all adorned in white. She and Peter have a lot invested in this endeavor, so it has to be successful. Peter doesn't have a great history when it comes to business and their relationship has suffered as a result. Cynthia's resentment of Peter leaving her out in the cold when it came to buying the building is going to bubble up at some point this season, mark my words.

All the ladies attend the event to show Cynthia their support including Kenya. Kandi makes an early exit due to work commitments, and NeNe's strategy in dealing with Kenya is to ignore, ignore, ignore. Phaedra is whisked away by Derek J., but Porsha doesn't have an out. While she and Kenya give civility a try, Kenya can't wait to bring up Kordell, which causes Porsha to suspect Kenya of just being nosy and trifling.

Kenya tracks NeNe down and, after a few air kisses, goes right in for the kill. She says she's been tormented for the last two months and that every time she's going through something, nobody calls to see if she's okay. NeNe points out that she was planning a wedding for 425 people and was going through things just like Kenya was going through things. Kenya says that's hardly a fair comparison since a wedding is a joyful occasion. She obviously didn't watch NeNe's show. 

NeNe tries to make a graceful exit, but Kenya is just getting started. She brings up NeNe inviting Walter to the wedding. Since Walter and Gregg are friends, and the guy has never done anything to offend NeNe, why wouldn't she include him? Kenya asks if NeNe invited Kordell. NeNe explains that she invited Porsha and a plus one; Porsha was still living with Kordell at the time. This catches Porsha's attention, and she's not pleased. As a whole, the entire group appears to like Walter far better than Kenya. Maybe he should have filled her slot as a housewife.

NeNe makes it clear she doesn't let anybody -- friend or foe -- dictate her decisions and that's her final thoughts on the subject. She dismisses Kenya, aka "Miss Gone with the Wind Fabulous," who's clearly gone and so is Walter.

This week's sowed the seeds that are without a doubt going to bloom into a bountiful season of conflict.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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