'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: The Housewives Move Forward
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: The Housewives Move Forward
Things ended awkwardly for Kim and Cynthia, so they're having lunch. I love Cynthia's hair short and sleek like that. They handle the situation like adults, move forward, and learn a little more about each other. Kim, do you think you and NeNe will ever speak again? No. No friendship contracts are signed, but they agree to go on a double date some time.

NeNe is in LA! Where she belongs, maybe. She's going with her assistant Andre to pursue some acting, which is apparently working out. But what about Sheree's acting career? What happened to that? Where is Sheree's character on Glee?

Kroy meets up with Kim's father, Joe, to ask for Kim's hand in marriage. That is so exciting! Even though we knew it was coming. But Joe has a couple questions. He wants to make sure it's a lifetime commitment, come sickness, health, or terrible country music singles. But it's a go! Who wouldn't be happy to have Kroy as a son-in-law?

Kandi is Skyping with designer, Mathieu, to get some direction for her Bedroom Kandi line of adult toys. The first invention is the "clitstick," and the next is a puff that charges in a little compact. It looks like makeup! You can stimulate yourself on the go and no one would know, except that you're putting your makeup on your crotch.

At the Bailey Agency, a long-haired Cynthia is working on a Word document for her model search. Ooh, a model search! Exciting. There are a few problems, though, like the maximum occupancy for one. Oh, and Peter. He is sort of a problem. But Cynthia feels confident.

Speaking of confidence, Phaedra is forging ahead with her funeral directing. She's meeting with a family to make arrangements this time, as part of her final training. A "real, grieving family." Phaedra is doing a good job, I think. I would love to have Phaedra coordinate every step of my life, and death. Then, the couple cracks up--it was all a ruse to test Phaedra! She passed the test, though.

NeNe and Andre get dinner after their meeting with the creators of Glee. NeNe thinks she got the part, and I'm pretty sure everyone gets the part on Glee. But that is neither here nor there. Steve Harvey was there, and he and his wife love NeNe Leakes! He gives NeNe some advice on living in LA--don't come with hate. NeNe decides Brentt would be great in LA, and then Keisha Knight Pulliam showed up. This is THE place for D-Listers!

Yet another outrageous party: a celebration of funeral director, Willie A. Watkins. There's "a lot of pomp and circumstance and over-the-topness and church ladies," Kandi notes. Kim thought it was the circus. NeNe thought it was a funeral. Perfect for Phaedra. How do you behave at this event, though? I wouldn't have any idea, and neither does Kim. "I'm not sure why I'm clapping," she says, then, "I'm confused about everything."

The event is long and boring and what Cynthia deems, "a waste of an outfit and a wig." Kim is audibly bored, then gets up and leaves with Sheree. She has a big announcement to share with Sheree: she's engaged, of course! I respect Kroy for not proposing on TV. That ring looks like a championship ring! 10 carats! And Sheree will be one of the bridesmaids. Can't wait for the wedding special!

Phaedra announces her partnership with Willie and at last, it's over. Next week is the season finale! Why do I feel like hardly anything happened this season?

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