'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: It Takes Dedication
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: It Takes Dedication
It's been too long since Phaedra has thrown a party (and by too long, I mean an episode). And everything is a party. This big event is Ayden's dedication back to the Lord, I guess. They have flower girls, bell ringers, carriers, and three wise men.

Sheree has plans of her own, as she helps her daughter's boyfriend shop for an engagement ring. The woman at the jewelry store is showing them rings at $40,000, $70,000, and even one at $14,000. She tells Damon that the cost of the ring should be three months' salary. Didn't it used to be two months? Either way, Damon only works part time so he should be looking at pawn shops. He finally finds some that are at $7500 and $6500, which seems cheap by comparison. He thinks the $6500 ring is the one.

Phaedra and Apollo are doing another thing they do best: a photo shoot. For "a touch of elegance," Phaedra is having family photos taken in leopard print, and suits. What is this? Where is this happening? It's insane, but I'm inclined to agree with Phaedra's stylist that she must have been a drag queen in her former life. It is only slightly better than photos with Santa. It looks like they got a couple that turned out OK, though!

Damon and Sheree go to check out a restaurant venue for the proposal, and Damon is incredibly concerned with the bar. He wants to be "loose." Sheree contends that Damon should be fully aware of everything going on. Then Damon tells Sheree he's not really sure if he wants to do it, but back-pedals and says he wasn't sure HOW.

Football camp is over for Kroy, so Kim is welcoming him back with a meal prepared by a chef. The chef is ushered out the back door as Kroy comes in the front. Kroy brought Arianna a hat signed by Tony Gonzalez. She was so happy she cried, which was pretty adorable. Everyone is dressed in red and black for the Falcons. Kim takes him around the house to show him all the giant pictures of them she has put up around the house. He doesn't seem as thrilled about the idea as Kim, but whatever makes her happy.

Then Kim drops a bomb: she fired Sweetie. WHAT? And we didn't get to see it? It must have been serious. The girls are surprised, but acknowledge that it was the right decision. Wow.

At the main event, Dwight is working as the day-of coordinator for Ayden's dedication. Oh my god, did you see that chocolate baby in the giant chocolate hands? OTT: Over The Top. Cynthia and Peter show up in time to hear the harpist and discuss how weird it is that the pastor who married them (and did counseling for them) is doing Ayden's dedication. This must be the classiest church in town.

Oh my god, Ayden in that carrier. So insane. The procession begins with bells and flowers and everything promised. "Prince Ayden comes down the aisle like ... Coming to America," Peter jokes, completely aptly. Let the blessings begin! The parents are blessed, the baby is blessed, everyone is blessed.

Damon visits Sheree and declines the wine. He needs to talk about some things. Sheree tells Damon that he needs to be there whole-heartedly, making Damon realize that he hasn't been taking it seriously. Damon admits that he's scared to be "done" after the engagement. Then he tells Sheree "at this time, I won't be proposing to Tierra." He wants to make sure everything is right first (money, feelings, time frame) and I can't tell how Sheree is taking it.

She's disappointed for her daughter, but also relieved. You'd better hope Tierra is even more patient, Damon! I guess she's been 7 years patient so what's another year or two.

At the dedication, Cynthia asks Dwight if he thinks anyone else is coming and he says "surely not." But after an hour and a half of driving, Kim and Kroy show up for the reception. Phaedra is understanding. But there are assigned seats, so Kim and Cynthia are seated together.

"The only thing [Cynthia] can say is, 'KJ's so cute.' Duh, bitch, I know!" Kim says. Cynthia knows that Sheree told Kim what she said in South Africa. It's awkward. They exchange words but nothing outright. Cynthia excuses herself to leave, and Kim leaves soon after as Cynthia and Peter stand outside re-hashing. Kim decides to go talk to Cynthia at the last moment.

That's when Kim confronts Cynthia about the "black baby" comment. Cynthia denies it, the way Marlo denied saying the f word. Later, Cynthia admits she can't remember what exactly she said. Oh my god, move on! They leave icily. Next week, another party from Phaedra!

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