'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Is That Racist?
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Is That Racist?
To refresh, since last week was a "Kim and Kroy" special (clip show), Kandi never said anything specifically about a black baby. Sheree made that up. So let that be clear, as we proceed, and as the women head home from South Africa, to face the wrath back in Atlanta. Oh, and Kandi is her own boss.

At least Marlo is totally hilarious making that maid pack everything for her, in individual bags. They got a huge goodbye from the entire staff at the resort where they stayed (resort? I don't know what to call it). They were singing and clapping in two rows like the Real Housewives of Atlanta had just saved the Ewok village.

Hey, back in Atlanta, Kim is looking for a nanny in addition to her two housekeepers. This will be good. Kim is exceedingly critical of the prospects' resumes. Meanwhile, Sweetie is soaking her feet in the pool. Then Sweetie walked in the house and asked one of the housekeepers, "hey you wanna be the nanny?" to which she said, "Yes!" And she was hired.

Cynthia didn't talk to Peter, or think about him, or get him any souvenirs while in South Africa. She informs Peter that NeNe's son, Bryson, is in jail again. So that's bad news.

Kandi meets with Mama Joyce to rehash her experience. She shows pictures of the orphanage, which was the most special time. Naturally, Sheree's false report to Kim came up, and Kandi has worked herself into a lather about it.

Kendra, Kim's interior decorator, comes over to help Kim choose which naked pregnancy pictures of herself to blow up and frame. We learned that Sweetie isn't doing a very good job as an assistant, and that KJ pooped. As Febe, the other housekeeper, changed KJ's diaper, Kim looked at fabric swatches. Is it time to fire Sweetie? It's exhausting trying to find so many different ways to spend money.

In a delightful mini-adventure, Kandi and Phaedra drive along "millionaire's row" and swing by Sheree's lot, which is still empty. "Hmm," both women said. Great editing! They both withhold judgment because they still like Sheree, and don't want to assume anything about her finances. Any segment involving Phaedra is delightful, though.

Sheree swings by Kim's mansion to dish all the dirt on South Africa. Let's talk about that black baby! Kim wants to reiterate that she is not racist, and nobody said she was. Nobody even said anything about Kim not wanting to hold a black baby (OK maybe Cynthia did), but the important thing is that Sheree and Kim think Kandi did.

Basically, Kandi is playing both sides. Kandi and Phaedra arrive at Kim's (after their detour to Sheree's lot), and they barely got in the door and Kim mentioned that she heard they were thinking of her in South Africa. WINK.

Peter wants to throw an amazing first anniversary party for Cynthia because they still don't have any money and she doesn't want a big party. It's the perfect plan! He wants it to be black tie, for 150 people, from 7-midnight, without any food. NeNe was enlisted to help, and has much grander ideas, like a mermaid. Who are you, a friend of Lisa Vanderpump??

NeNe is ready to step out, but Peter sits her down to ask her about Bryson. Whermp werrrrrrrrrrrrmp. Peter thinks NeNe should bail Bryson out, but NeNe says he can learn his lesson in jail.

Back at Kim's, a giant stormcloud is hanging over the luncheon. Especially when orphanages and babies come up. Eventually, Kim asks Kandi what she said about her and an orphanage. But Kandi asserts that the real bullsh*t in this situation is Sheree taking that back to Kim.

In an interview, Kim has the quote of the night: "I'll hold a black baby, a purple baby, a white baby, a pink--it doesn't matter. I love babies, bitch!"

Kandi tries to set the matter straight, but Sheree keeps jumping in, raising the volume level. And then, back from a commercial break, there was an amazing shot of a goose looking confused! Phaedra successfully stays out of the argument, which is getting too hot to handle.

So, who is a better friend? Sheree looks pretty sure it's her. The argument becomes about Kim making excuses not to go to things, then her nursing degree, then her character, and in the end it appears no one got to enjoy their lunch.

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