'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: The Housewives Give Back
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: The Housewives Give Back
We last left the Real Housewives of Atlanta in Cape Town, South Africa. Marlo and Sheree were "myeah myee wahh"ing back and forth at one another, once their yelling match had reached an incoherent fever pitch. NeNe broke it up, and Sheree took The Smalls to that dinner party at her friend's house.

The party is crazy. There's a drummer and a fire juggler (dancer? twirler?), and a bunch of successful people at the table. Well, mostly successful people, and the model/actor/aspiring music producer sitting next to Kandi. He was cute, but didn't have the charisma or brains to make him the total package.

"He doesn't even have a job," Kandi whispered to Phaedra under her breath. "Oh Jesus," Phaedra grinned as she raised her glass. Fantastic.

Meanwhile, The Talls meet for quiet, boring drinks. Marlo gets up to go to the bathroom, and Cynthia and NeNe talk about Marlo's use of the other f-word. It also provided the opportunity for NeNe to become more self-reflective. "It always just looks so ugly when we are grown ass women jumping off the high rise ... it was like looking at myself."

The women all meet up at the club after dinner. Marlo immediately gave Sheree the finger, and later threw money into the air. It was crazy. Sheree didn't touch it, but Kandi and Phaedra weren't above picking the bills off the floor and stuffing it into their pockets.

The next morning, the Housewives leave Cape Town and head for the second, more "rural" Shamwari, which is absolutely stunning. Marlo asks the concierge if he could bring someone out to do hair and makeup, which is ridiculous. The Housewives all want the more modern accommodations, so they draw numbers. NeNe and Marlo get stuck in the antique rooms.

"Irony is so ironic," Phaedra noted.

The next morning, everyone but Cynthia is late to breakfast. NeNe and Marlo are particularly late because they actually got people to do their hair and makeup. Cynthia might be getting jealous of Marlo? That's what Sheree thinks, anyway. Cynthia seems pretty put together, though.

That Italian guy, John, sent NeNe flowers in South Africa. Ick. En route to the safari, Marlo asks if someone could carry her across the grass because she's wearing stilettos. She was also wearing shiny silver pants, which Kandi, of all people, said made Marlo look silly. Kandi in her drum major jacket and matching purple and yellow boots. Marlo did look stupid, though, and I enjoyed watching the other women make fun of her.

The women split up into the Talls and the Smalls again for their ride through South Africa. I hope none of the animals are spooked by shiny/glittery/drum major-y things. Marlo won't be quiet for the safari, either. Aren't you glad you invited her, NeNe? She's kind of the worst.

The girls have a sunset toast, and shuffle back into the Jeep to get some rest for the orphanage the next day.

After doing their hair and makeup, and donning their designer clothing, the Real Housewives of Atlanta went to what Phaedra calls "the other side of Africa." It sort of looked like Safari part 2, until some of them got out of the Jeep.

Kandi noted that some of these boys were early fly dancers, and after they mentioned they like "R&B" music, they danced for Kandi. That guy was popping and locking like the best of them!

Good for NeNe for wearing a baseball hat for the day. The 'wives went into the store to buy supplies for the orphanage. Phaedra asked for organic food, and the women bought boxes and boxes of goods for the kids and some of the other villages.

The Housewives went to an orphanage next, where all the kids were affected by HIV & AIDS. It humbled all of them, even Marlo, and it was so cute. No petty, drama, just global stuff. I think it made the Housewives feel better about themselves for donating all that stuff.

Next week, the petty drama starts back up.

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