'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Don't Hate, Collaborate
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Don't Hate, Collaborate
After a holiday hiatus, the Atlanta Housewives are back in our lives. Most things are picking right back up again. Phaedra is still interested in opening a funeral home (and we got to see that her baby, Aiden, knows a good burn when he hears one, high-fiving his grandmother after she made a comment about Apollo going to the gym). Peter is still relatively apathetic about things, which frustrates Cynthia, and Kim is doing the new-mommy thing while trying to manage a lazy and teenaged Brielle. Ahh teenagers, isn't 14 such a magical time? Yurgh.

Kandi is trying something new, as she travels to Nashville to collaborate with Jo Dee Messina, an established country artist. Kandi timidly presented an idea, and Jo Dee took one weak line from it and created an entirely new concept. I don't know how collaborations work, in "the world of country" or otherwise, but it seemed like Kandi was getting interrupted a lot. Also, the lines about a drunk giving up his bottle like it's a positive type of addiction, and talking about a soldier at war giving up his war, were particularly average. But Kandi WILL wear a cowboy hat.

NeNe decides to meet with Marlo, who she has decided to like based on the way she picked on Kim at the Bailey Agency opening. They meet for drinks, and talk about Charles a little bit, only because they have to. It doesn't seem like it's as big of a deal as the editing wants us to think it is. Then Marlo volunteered that she's been arrested 7 times! She went to jail for throwing 'bows with a girl in a bar. Werk! They end it deciding to go shopping.

Sheree showed up at Kim's house with two pink yoga mats. Sheree loves working out and making other people do it, too. But come on, Kim working out? Improbable! But yes, I will watch it very gladly, thank you. And the green juice? I don't think so, honey boo boo.

Phaedra is taking Apollo to her favorite funeral director to get him all on board with the funeral gig. Rev. Willie Watkins tells Phaedra and Apollo that one of them will have to see an apprenticeship, which means lots of dead bodies and juices. They got a mini-tour of the embalming room, a place I hope never to be alive in. Apollo is not feeling the funeral home legacy.

NeNe attends a "Captain Planet Foundation Jewelry Event" with Marlo and a bunch of white people. They talked about Captain Planet, Ted Turner, and just a bunch of white people things. Marlo and NeNe could hang, though, talking about "going green" and fashion and champagne and diamonds. Did that jewelry designer call the Dalai Lama "the Italian"? Just let it slide ...

Time for the men to get real with their wives. Apollo is not feeling the funeral business because it is creepy. He's trying, though, to "put the boom in the tomb." In the end, with the promise of consoling attractive women, Apollo agrees to help Phaedra build Fantasy Funerals by Phaedra.

Meanwhile, the pastor who married Peter and Cynthia will attempt to "fix" their marriage. Cynthia wants to come up with a plan to fix things. The pastor asks them to tell each other something they love about each other, and Cynthia uses the past tense ("what I loved about you was ...") and Peter chooses not to answer the question basically at all. He would prefer to discuss the things they don't like about each other. Eventually, he gives in and says some nice things about Cynthia, with only a few disclaimers.

Next week, Kim shoots a gun, the women go dancing, and NeNe and Kim refuse to speak to each other at an intimate dinner.

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