'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: All the 'Wives in One Room
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: All the 'Wives in One Room
Phaedra Parks, Attorney at Law, didn't do so well at the last time she and Sheree went to court. She confronted Sheree about what she said when they went to lunch with Kandi, and Sheree confronts her right back. They enter a dispute about when they got the money, and how much. Sheree and Phaedra agree not to work together anymore, because it's getting in the way of their friendship. Sheree says she's relieved.

Kim, Kroy, the baby, et. all are moving into their new Barbie Dream House. She can't wait, and she has a celebrity designer, whatever that is. KJ's nursery is going to be a surprise for Kroy. The designer has one week to do this giant house. "Good luck, bitch," Kim says.

Cynthia attends a sculpture show. She invited "the girls" to this opening, so bring more of the art class to Atlanta. Is Atlanta ready for this ART? Regardless, they know just what to wear. Sheree loves art, NeNe does not. Marlo is there, auditioning for her spot as Replacement NeNe, who is clearly over it. You know what Marlo loves? See-through tops.

Peter and Cynthia are being photographed as a "power couple," which I'm just not sure about. Cynthia, maybe, but Peter's businesses keep going under. Also, we don't like Peter, right? It seems like, based on the editing, we don't like him. Something about these invitations to something for the Bailey Agency--I don't know, I was too distracted by how un-Cynthia Cynthia's hair was.

In other news, Kim's credenza. She's moving, I don't know. I love Kim, so I'm happy to watch her swear about moving and changing KJ's diaper. In another Bravo editing coup, Kim's wigs were given their own title screen. Kim looks at her signature corner wall, and remembers all the good memories from living in that townhouse, that Bravo recorded. Remember when you were a lesbian, Mom? Yeah, that was a time. I miss when Kim and NeNe were friends.

Kandi meets with Don Juan, her producer, to discuss how the standard has been lowered since she started helping Kim and Lawrence. Kandi's album did pretty well, and she's happy with it, so now she's ready to do country music. What? Kandi wants to work with Shania Twain, the Dixie Chicks, and Carrie Underwood. Etc!

Kim is moving into her Dream Home, and Kendra did a good job decorating it with all of Kim's stuff from Kim's storage unit and then some. How can you go wrong with a wall of portraits of Kim, though? KJ got his own dark, rock star themed room, and his own bathroom. Why does the baby have its own bathroom? Whatever, it's Hollywood.

Kandi is ready to produce some country music, so she's working on a song for country artist (or, "edgy/country" artist) Jo Dee Messina. If Jo Dee only hears things over Skype, it's going to be tough for Kandi, though. To help her cross over, Lil' Ronnie is here. He just wrote a country song for Scotty McCreery (hayyy!). Jo Dee declares Kandi's song too country.

The Bailey Agency is opening, y'all. But nobody's there and the CD player isn't working. CD player?! Cynthia starts to cry because she wants everything to be perfect, and she probably hasn't eaten all day. The invitations went out too late, just as Peter foretold. But people showed anyway! They had nothing better to do!

Malorie is still not happy with Peter. He is there, but should have been there more. Kandi shows up and notes that this will be the first time all the Housewives are together in one room this season. Duh-rama! And duh, Marlo is going to be there because we're supposed to want her to be the new Housewife, but she is so boring.

Sheree complains loudly of the party being too hot, and that was her contribution. Kim and Kroy showed up to show off how good her post-pregnancy body looks. Kim hears that Marlo sleeps with wealthy men so she can glean off their money, and just doesn't understand who would do a thing like that.

NeNe shows up, and even though Kim said she didn't want drama, she immediately responds negatively. NeNe isn't going to bother you, Kim, let it go!

"Is it weird that you guys are in the same room together?" Marlo asks, trying so hard to find her place on this show. Kim says, no, it is not.

"Marlo got her money from God? ... No, bitch, God gave you a hole to make your money from," Kim says in an interview and the best quote of the night. But Marlo felt the need to confront Kandi about the question she asked her on Kandi Koated Nights, and insists she heard that Kandi gives men money but she "wasn't about to say anything about that." Well, you just did, Marlo. She keeps talking about how she doesn't have "a Big Poppa," which is making Kim good and angry.

Kim's over it, so she leaves. The Housewives are no longer in the same room together. And this time, it's Marlo's fault. Cynthia steps up to welcome everyone and make a speech, but Peter has gone missing as she mentions him and asks him to step up to the front. Embarrassing. Did they ever find him? We do not know.

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Next time, Marlo is putting herself into even more more situations! What's your take on this new girl? Do you like her or do you want her to GTFO?

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