'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Sneaky Preview
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Sneaky Preview
I forgot that among her other ventures, Kandi owns a boutique. At Tags, Kandi and Peaches are looking at clothes when Phaedra stops by with a "sorry-I-brought-a-stripper-to-your-party-where-your-mom-was-and-said-stripper-put-his-penis-in-your-drink" cake. Even though Mama Joyce is pissed, Kandi and Phaedra thought it was fun.

Cynthia and Peter are having an opening party for Bar One, but first, the International Interior Design Fashion Show. Cynthia will be talking about the garments as they come down the runway. She can't wait for the girls to see her in her element, "because this is my thing," she says. Phaedra insists that she, Apollo, Cynthia, and Peter have all made amends. This does not help Cynthia's runway speaking skills, though.

Ahh, it was awkward. In her defense, she had a bunch of crazy words to read. But eventually, it was over, and it was time to drink. Damn, look at Sheree's boobs! Phaedra's friends, a power couple of Atlanta, show. After they leave, Sheree mentions that she recognizes the name "Charles Grant" from somewhere, oh that's right, the tabloids next to NeNe's name. According to what, The Atlanta Enquirer? Charles and NeNe were having relations while she was married. They just love to share some good gossip about NeNe.

It looks like this is going to be a Cynthia-filled episode, as she brings her family into the new Bailey Modeling Agency. Malorie looks pissed about it. Frosty! They start bickering and her mom is like, wtf. Girls, girls! Malorie slyly brings up Bar One. One of Peter's investors fell through; the check bounced. Auughhh, Peter. It's Uptown all over again! Cynthia is wondering whether or not to write Peter a check, and we are all like, "nooooooooo, girl, don't!" It brings her sister to tears.

Sheree's kicking a ball around with her kids when her ex-husband shows up. Sheree sits Bob down to talk child support. Sheree's complaint is that he's not as broke as he says. They argue a bit, relatively casually, then Sheree gets up and throws her water at him. Is this just a normal thing to do now? To throw your drink at someone to end a conversation? If so, I approve. *Throws drink* new paragraph!

Brielle and Kim sit down to discuss the new baby coming into the family. Brielle is worried about the baby breaking up the family. Last time a baby was born, Brielle was much younger, and Kim was getting a divorce. I'm with Brielle, though, the idea of a baby sucking on Kim's boobs is a little off-putting.

NeNe and Cynthia stop by Bar One as Peter is setting up for the preview party. NeNe is hosting the party because she's a friend and a huge Atlanta celebrity. It looks like there's still a lot to do, and plenty of smells to manage. Peter says it's cool because it's just a sneak preview. He's very relaxed about it.

Sheree visits the law offices of Phaedra Parks to discuss the possibility of taking Bob to court. Phaedra's all "let's put him in jail!" and Sheree gets teary-eyed. But in the end, they are going to get that child support check. Or maybe not, because Sheree isn't sure.

Kandi visits her mom, and Joyce is still PISSED. She was so pissed she changed her hair. Maybe this isn't the best time to bring up your adult toy line idea, Kandi ... Joyce said something pretty harsh: "I hope that when she's older, your daughter has more respect for you than you had for me at that party." That's pretty cold.

The Bar One party is here, and Peter is just covering up the stuff that is not finished or up to code. The air conditioner isn't working, and there's still a guy going around with a ladder. Charles and his power couplette, Marlo, show up. Ooh drama maybe!

Lawrence and Sheree head to Bar One, which is apparently located somewhere in "the hood." Or "downtown" but a sketchy party of downtown. All the Housewives except NeNe are there. Peter's not happy, but at least he didn't have to borrow money from Cynthia yet. Peter gets on the microphone to reveal a GIANT photo portrait of Cynthia on the wall. Afro Cynthia.

The rumor started to circulate that NeNe didn't show because Charles and Marlo were there. Wheels started turning in everyone's heads, and NeNe's non-presence didn't help. So much for co-hosting. NeNe shows up so late it's not even fashionable, it's just rude. She circulates the room and doesn't say anything to Charles (or Sheree).

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