Secrets Come Out in Spades on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'
Secrets Come Out in Spades on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'

It's all coming out tonight! Phaedra's going to the hospital to induce labor (and finally keep track of how many weeks along she is), and NeNe's going to bust this Dr. Tiy-E thing wide open. Also, you want your NeNe TV? You got it! And Lisa's in this episode! Plus we get the bonus segment of NeNe and Sheree riding go-karts.

Wow, Phaedra really hasn't given this whole pregnancy/baby a second thought. It's weird how little she seems to care. She's a little worried about "maternal death," though. As long as it's still all about Phaedra! She and Apollo meet with Dr. Lue, the doctor Phaedra has trusted to think about the pregnancy for her. When Dr. Lue drops the truth bombs of motherhood on Phaedra, she doesn't seem to be interested.

It's Kandi's birthday so she's having a party at Tags, her clothing boutique. Kim got Kandi a wig for her birthday. Amazing! Dwight, the other Southern Belle on this show, is also at the party. Kim and Cynthia confront him about Phaedra having the baby.
Dwight says the baby is "developed." Is that a thing? Or should Phaedra be worried that her baby will be like Robin Williams in Jack? So Dwight is defending the lie (or doesn't know anything about pregnancy, which is fine). But how far can Phaedra take it?

Anchors Away!
NeNe's seeking independence, in the form of becoming an entertainment reporter for an Atlanta news channel. She meets with the higher-ups at channel 11, who seem nonplussed at first. What's wrong with them? NeNe is a star, and I'm not even kidding. She's great. Once NeNe mentions her celebrity connections, though, their ears perk up. She's in!

So Phaedra shows up to the hospital with her hair curled and her special bejeweled pregnancy outfit. Classic! When the front desk asks how many weeks along she is she says, "I don't know." Phaedra is nervous about "all those germs," and complains about how small and non-glamorous the room is. Come on, Phaedra.
Phaedra trusts Dr. Lue so much that she has lost track of the pregnancy. It's just crazy to me! It looks like Phaedra's mother may be to blame, though. She's a pastor and nobody in her family gets pregnant without being married. So we'll just ignore science, I guess. Dr. Lue comes in and announces to the room that Phaedra is 40 weeks. Phaedra offers that that's his opinion, and he says, "it's not theory." She's full term. Everyone in the room ignores this except Kandi, who looks uncomfortable.

Congrats, grads!
Sheree is having a graduation party for her kids and their classmates. Initially, I probably would have thought this was not super important, but I saw Waiting For Superman last week so now I'm like "YOU DID IT!" and throwing confetti around my apartment. The party was at a go-kart place and was a thinly-veiled scheme to get NeNe screaming in a go-kart.

The "Doctor" is in
Sheree's throwing a party for her friends to hang out and play Spades. No matter what Dr. Tiy-E's deal is, he just kind of sucks. Lawrence arrived first and his reaction to Tiy-E was my favorite (until NeNe came along).
RHA iknowyou.png
Why are Kandi and Sheree both wearing bright yellow with purple accents? Dr. Tiy-E has everyone join hands in prayer to bless the game. Then NeNe recognizes him from a scandal in Atlanta a few years ago. Apparently he was on television and the radio, then it was revealed that he's not actually a doctor of anything. No license, no nothing. He admits to the group that he has "a PhD," using air-quotes. WHAT? The Housewives continue to interrogate him until they are pleased with their decision that Dr. Tiy-E is full of crap and not right for Sheree. Sheree's going to dig into him next week!

Phaedra and the baby
The doctors decide to deliver the baby by C-section. They cut her open and reveal a baby that Phaedra thinks is, "gross." She also remarked that the baby "looked Chinese to me." What an un-emotional birth! I'm interested to see how Phaedra is as a mother.

What was the craziest part of this episode? How do you think Phaedra will be as a mom? Did you see Kim Zolciak perform "Google Me" on Watch What Happens Live? Awkward!

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